Many men have gone through breakups and then successfully gotten their girlfriends back. A breakup is a common occurrence because sometimes we may not necessarily know our partners. And we do get to know them over time after which we may feel that they may not be the best life partners for us or that we made the right choice. Sometimes it is due to communication gaps, misunderstandings and fights. There could a million reasons for a breakup, but if you really feel that your ex-girlfriend is the one, you can try to win her back. Now there may be a hiccup because the ex-girlfriend blocked you. But here are 4 steps to try and win her back.

Consider the circumstances

You must be willing to reassess the situation and really think over why she left and why my ex girlfriend blocked me on everything. A lot of times, men may not really pay attention to the reasons for a break-up and still believe that they are not at fault. The reality could be that the girlfriend was not really looking at faults but was making her dissatisfaction known. After the breakup, if you still harp on the fact that you aren’t wrong, and that she should come back, she will block you. That is why it is important to think about why she left and blocked you, despite being in love. Unless there are some realizations on your part, any attempts at reaching her will be received with hostility. Consider the differences between you, the causes of contention too. Understand that what wins you over may not necessarily win her over. You may think compliments and gifts could make her reach out to you, but it could be something else that would make more of an impact.

Make a gesture

If your ex-girlfriend has blocked you, chances are you won’t be able to talk to her soon enough. So, how can make her think of you at least without actually showing up at her house or work in person? The answer is by making a thoughtful gesture. Women are less likely to be impressed by materialistic gifts like jewellery or accessories. So, try something that makes you look sincere. You must be really sincere about that because a farce can be sensed. Try volunteering at a charity of her choice to show that you are a good person, but do it sincerely.

Rebuild through friendship

Don’t expect that she will get back with you romantically. She has burnt her fingers once and she may not want to forgive or take you as a boyfriend again. But that doesn’t mean there is no hope. Go back to being friends. Start building trust and just hang out. Spend time casually, platonically using that time to get to know each other again. This means that although you are blocked on the phone, you can still cross paths shopping or in a common public area. Use the opportunity to build rapport.

Give space

This is the last point, but the most important one. If she has blocked you, give her space. Don’t try to reach her through other electronic means and bombard her with messages. Eventually, you will have to reach her but give it time. Don’t make it look desperate.

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