A multiple orgasm is something that sounds like "Fiji" to women. It is something wonderful and exotic... and unlikely to be obtainable. Meanwhile the ability to experience an orgasm several times in a row lays at the very nature of female sexuality! So why is it that not all of the women use this, God's, gift?

One of the women, when asked about a multiple orgasm, replied with: "Wow, what is that?" And there is absolutely nothing exotic in it. It is one of the normal variations of a female orgasm when a woman experiences several (up to 3-5) orgasmic releases during one sexual intercourse, usually following one another every 15-40 seconds. The main condition for it is the long enough sexual intercourse, and it is something that is of course a man's responsibility. At the same time just the length of the intercourse alone is not what achieves multiple orgasm. The basis for the success is the absence of the so-called refractory period in a woman. In other words the woman does not need to rest and take a break between orgasms as a man does. Therefore if after the first orgasm a man continues to intensively stimulate the partner then she is very likely to experience a second orgasm.

So is a multiple orgasm healthier or better in any way than a usual orgasm? Let's start with the fact that any orgasm is an additional pressure on the heart. It is also known that the electroencephalogram (the recording of the brain's spontaneous electrical activity over a short period of time, usually 20–40 minutes, as recorded from multiple electrodes placed on the scalp) of an orgasm is the same as one of an epileptic seizure. Both are accompanied with the convulsions of the whole body. Compared to just one female orgasm, a multiple orgasm has nothing special except for the repetitive charge. Thus, even one orgasm can lead to unpleasant consequences if you suffer from hypertension, weak vessels, epilepsy and other similar illnesses. However, a totally opposite statement can be said about a long , hard jog for example. In our point of view a multiple orgasm is neither useful, nor harmful as far as your health goes and definitely beneficial in the area of pleasure. By the way, there is also an opinion that a female orgasm is a defensive reaction, preventing the body from excessive arousal. Having reached the critical level of tension, the nervous system gives a signal: "I’ve had enough! I'm done!" and the woman experiences the peak of sensations.

Should couples strive to achieve a multiple orgasm for full sexual experience? That's a good question! Not every woman and not under every circumstance reaches even one orgasm. It strongly depends on the level of her trust with her partner, ability to relax well, and sometimes even making a plan with a man about the necessary strategy. And in this sense a multiple orgasm requires solid and sincere relationship in a couple. Besides the word ‘should’ in this question makes it particularly doubtful. Along with this word a multiple orgasm becomes more of an achievement than pleasure. In other words, when ‘we should’ appears in a relationship, it stops being a relationship of love and becomes one focused on achievements.

And talking about the man, in order to get a woman to have a multiple orgasm, should the partner be at minimum a long-distance runner? That is actually exactly correct. If he hasn't mastered the technique of achieving his own multiple orgasm, then maybe it wouldn’t even be beneficial to strive for a multiple orgasm for his partner. Kind of like rabbits, who die from a heart attack in the process of mating. So any achievements in sex are possible only when the partners are a tandem: if they treat each other with kindness and trust, feel each other really well and work on their relationship overall and not on specific achievements.

Men are advised to look for certain techniques of sexual intercourse's prolongation on the internet, there are a lot of them, especially in eastern cultures such as China and India, most popular ones called Kegels and Jelqing exercises. Optionally, a man can form certain skills, which contribute to the woman's multiple orgasm. It's quite another matter that a man can become obsessed with the achievement itself and not on the relationship, which can lead to distrust, tensions and arguments. Therefore a woman should not define such a goal as achieving a multiple orgasm. If she fails at achieving it (which is absolutely normal and is not the evidence of any defects) a man will feel like a failure. Besides not every woman and not every time welcomes further stimulation after the first orgasm, a lot of women have such a high sensitivity that continuing the caresses is actually painful. Overall, of course, every couple can win a lot from the full exploration of their capabilities but naturally it would be better if the ability to experience an orgasm was measured by the quality of the sensations and not the quantity.

So does this mean that achieving a multiple orgasm is not an indicator of hyper sexuality? The answer is, not at all. Furthermore, a multiple orgasm sometimes comes with the mental dysfunctions in the area of sexual behavior. Taoist wise men say that the peaks of pleasure are only a part of the love process, and no orgasm should become an end in itself, not a single one, nor a multiple one. When you and your partner learn to perform the circulation of sexual energy along your body, then you will be able to experience the waves of orgasms as often as you want. When you will make love, you will feel the closest connection (physical, emotional and even spiritual), which you very rarely felt before, if ever.

At one point the discovery of a multiple orgasm caused a commotion in sexology, and over the course of several decades the amount of women practicing a multiple orgasm has grown exponentially, and they are not even taught by anyone; they just found out that it's possible. One thing to mention is it may be best to try this first with masturbation with a vibrator, which allows you to control the process and not having to worry the stresses of your partner’s involvement. This guide was meant as an introduction to the subject and just barely touches the tip of the iceberg. Spend some time researching, experimenting and practicing. Pretty soon you will personally know the incredible euphoria of multiple orgasms.

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