Not all bosses are cut from the same marble. You’ve heard how other people complain about their superiors. But you’ve also heard how other people sing praises about theirs. If you have to choose between the two, you would naturally choose to be the boss they sing praises about. But what makes a great boss anyway?

Before you go any further, let me just say that being a good boss does not necessarily mean being lenient or being “buddies” with your employees. What makes a boss great is much deeper than that. A great boss…

1) Sees the big picture.

What makes a boss great is his ability to look at the big picture. He has his company or department’s welfare in mind at all times. Each decision he makes rests on that big picture.

After all, what happens in his department and what happens to his employees are his responsibilities. It is from knowing the big picture that he bases his decision to be strict or to be generous.

For example, if an employee requests for a leave of absence, a great boss cannot just say yes or no immediately. He has to weigh the consequences of it first before coming to a conclusion.

2) Appreciates his people.

A great boss knows how to appreciate other people’s work, especially that of his subordinates. It is in this way that he can motivate his team to do better.

He also shows his appreciation in many ways. It may be in the form of a promotion, a salary increase, a recommendation or a simple “good work” and a pat on the back.

3) Keeps an open mind.

What makes a boss great is his ability to listen and keep his mind open. Some bosses think that it is only their opinion that matters, but a great boss thinks otherwise.

A great boss will listen to what others have to say and will mentally note down their ideas. He knows that there is not just one way to do things and that his employees are capable of coming up with good ideas as well.

So you see… What makes a boss great isn’t necessarily being strict or lenient. Being a great boss depends on many factors. You have to keep your company and the welfare of your employees in mind. As long as you remember to look at the big picture, appreciate your people and keep an open mind, you’ll be fine.

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