The Human Design System is a revealed system that uses an astrological calculation that it then indexes into I Ching hexagrams, each of which has a specific location in one of the body graph's nine centers. The centers correspond to the chakras, so you get a chart that lets you immediately identify how you experience these energies in your own body.

This nine-centered body graph Human Design template uses produces an extraordinary chart that allows you to decode the mechanical aspects of your aura, everyone else's magnetic fields and gives you an uncanny picture of the forces at work in your life.

Human Design is easy to integrate into your daily practice. You can see what aspects in your own nature are your specific buttons. Not everyone pushes them in the same way, nor do you always trigger reactions in other people. But you might bring characteristics and qualities that you find yourself meeting endlessly.

You already know that you feel different depending on who's around: more inspired, more physical, more talkative, more uptight or competitive or tense, more emotional, more devotional, more grounded, more secure. These various states of being relate to specific centers.

The calculation produces the body graph coloring job where centers can either be white or colored. This very basic differentiation between the centers being either "off" or "on" already tells you a huge amount of information about the vulnerabilities and also the aspects in your nature that are stable.

The chart shows a static image from a moment in time, though we are always being influenced by the ongoing cosmic planetary dance as well as being affected by the other people in our auras. However, that static image provides an entrance into yourself to begin decoding the influence of conditioning.

The concept of conditioning is well-understood especially in relation to parents and their children. But it happens in all relationships. The more time you spend with someone, the deeper the habitual reaction to the other person's influence goes. Classically, the most influential conditioning happens between birth and seven years. You've already learned compensation techniques, defensive posturing or insecurity themes. So by the time you meet your design, you get to clue into the conditioning that has left a dysfunctional residue of reactivity behind.

Habitual patterns can be identified. From recognizing your own nature, you can transform your life through compassionate self acceptance and self-love. The other side of the story is to realize what you bring with you when you come into the room. What does your aura have to say?

Human Design has been in the world just over 20 years now. Understanding that this map is in the world, you can see it and finally wake up to your destiny, your purpose, the gifts you brought with you since birth, can fill you with joy and peace.

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Zeno is on the path of awakening through meditation and compassionate relating. She uses Human Design in her daily life to understand the forces at work and play. She offers lessons, readings and classes in Human Design.

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