What is addiction? Addiction is only the result of abuse.

Abuse is the imbalance of how you live. Too much of something, is imbalance.

We are all addicts of some sort, some sociably acceptable and others sociably unacceptable.

Part of the problem lies within the derogatory attitude people have towards the sociably unacceptable addicts. They are labelled and are pushed aside, or shoved into rehab centres that do not even have the right approach to help them.

The actual success rates of rehabs are very low. The individual rehabs stats show that they have a very high success rate; that is not accurate at all.

The problem in getting accurate stats lies with the following fact:
• People leave a rehab and have a relapse and then very seldom go back to the same rehab, they make use of another rehab. Thus, the first rehab has the false stats, which are close to 100% success rate.

I base all my findings on my personal experience and that of my research of six months at S.A.N.C.A. Florida, South Africa. I do not believe that you can guide people to their own truth if you have not experienced this yourself.
Then there is the false notion that the counsellors, social workers or therapists are doing an excellent job with the rehabilitation program. Most of such in-patients at rehabs don’t have the slightest notion why they even started using drugs, alcohol or both.

So, herein then the answer to what addiction is and where it comes from.

As I have already stated that addiction is only an imbalance of a person’s lifestyle.

I come from an abusive childhood, where my father was the one that was drinking by far too much and as a result physically abused my mother, my younger brother and myself to such an extend that we slept and hid in other peoples’ gardens many a night, for fear that my father would shoot us with my eldest brother’s army rifle.

We always had domestic violence of some degree, for as long as I can remember. To the extend that we were labelled by the neighbours. Friday nights came and we knew the neighbours would call the police to come to our rescue. Sisters being thrown out of glass doors etc. The example I received of how a father and husband should behave was not the ideal one, yet the only one. I was not exposed to other families and how other fathers and husbands treated their families, because we were labelled, and kids did not invite us to their homes, out of fear.

As an adult, I lived the example I got from my father and saw nothing wrong with my behaviour at first. I am a good person of soft nature and mean nobody any harm. This is similar to wife beaters. At first, a man will just push his wife, then slap her, then with a closed hand and maybe draw blood, and so it becomes progressively worse.

When we get to the stage when we realise that there is a problem, we blame the drugs or situation not the cause.

The escapes become progressively worse and so does the method. This is the reason why so many people go back to rehabilitation centres, repeatedly.
In my experience, the incorrect approach (or rather an incomplete approach) is used to find out why this person repeats the pattern of abuse.

They are not guided to find their lost tools they need to what it is they truly want.
To be guided, to find that spark again. “Show me what makes a man come alive and you will know the man”.

Because "we" society and the therapist tell them that every day is a struggle and they are recovering addicts, they believe this because we are the experts on the topic.

The reasons for abuse need to be addressed before any other therapy can take place. You have to look in yourself, your own truth, at what it is that forms the cause for this abuse.

When you abuse the substance you do it because you want the feeling of what you perceive what life should be like. The substance will give you the artificial vibe or feeling that you desperately desire. The high or space you reach with the substance simulates the natural state of oneness with your creator, universe or god, in a space of nothingness, where we all originate.

Thus the continued use becomes (ab-use). This becomes repetitive and labelled habitual personality.

My observation has shown that highly spiritual beings are more likely to be abusers, such as painters, musicians, poets and actors.

The abusers and addicts are told by us "society, that addiction is hereditary", it is a disease for which there is no outcome. It is hereditary through cellular memory. This is not so in terms of disease. Look at the word disease (dis-ease) translated, -(discomfort), it is not a virus you inhaled which is not curable as is the popular belief. The disease is what you chose, not it you, and you can choose again. Society says you are doomed for life to battle this thing, we gave it a name. And you are the name!!

Addicts are convinced they will always recover, never be cured, look at the word again con-vinced. I say it is all a con.

Shouldn’t any person be better off after kicking a bad habit? You were just fine before you did all this non-sense. The belief is that you will never have a normal life and you believed then.

Thank God beliefs can change. In religion, this happens every day; we marry people from different religious belief groups. In order to do so we adopt another belief to get married.

Your brain can be retrained. People with brain injury are proving it. They get progressively better and not worse. This has been proven.

I invite you to come and join me on a one-day workshop where you will have the opportunity to discover why you do what you do and how to de-cellular learn this behaviour.

By means of game playing music and meditation, I have come to a self-help tool that lasts, and it shows you that you can burn that bridge called addiction and abuse. This is cellular learning and it will last.

This will make for a workable society that flourishes in what is possible.

Author's Bio: 

Andre Brink is our head facilitator and motivational speaker. Andre studies at the Metaphysics University of America and the University of Sedona, where he has acquired his Masters degree in life coaching. He is currently doing his PHD thesis on manifestation by doing addiction research. He is an internationally accredited Minister of Metaphysics, non-denominational. Andre has assisted many people in the last five years to make profound shifts in their lives. He volunteered at SANCA Florida where he worked with the in-patients, doing group sessions based on the wellness workshop. This has proven to be a very successful and popular form of therapy for the patients. The wellness workshop “FullCircle” was written and compiled by Rev. Andre Brink and implemented at S.A.N.C.A. Florida with profound results.