Although self improvement is a worthy pursuit, many often abandon their efforts due to a false belief they are not making progress.

We try this technique or that and see little or no results. We resist this “apparent” lack of success and begin to feel impatient or frustrated. I recently heard an explanation of how bamboo grows and realize it is an excellent example of the process that takes place when we embark on a journey of personal change.

When a bamboo is planted the roots begin growing and continue growing for years under the ground and out of sight. The larger the root mass, the taller the bamboo plant will eventually reach.

You can watch a bamboo for years before any outward growth becomes visible. Then suddenly the bamboo begins an amazing growth cycle, shooting up like it is on a mission to make up for years of no growth.

Sometimes this is how self improvement works. We learn techniques and begin applying them. Then under the surface out of our conscious awareness, change begins to take place. We see no visible effects of this change, but it is happening. The more we focus on our goals and direct our attention to making positive changes, the more our subconscious is getting into alignment with our conscious choices.

Then suddenly one day all the pieces of the puzzle seem to fall into place and you manifest positive changes on a massive level.

Impatience and Frustration:

Many often feel stuck and frustrated with the perceived image that nothing is working.

Think of it like an overweight dieter. They begin to lose weight and see great results, then seem to hit a wall where no weight loss is achieved. The easy step would be to give up and proclaim the diet is not working. However, if the individual sticks to their plan, they eventually get past this plateau and again see more weight loss results.

I don’t know about you, but in my personal life I discovered no matter how frustrated or impatient I become, it does not speed things up. Actually it has the reverse effect.

During periods of little to no growth, it seems normal to become impatient and frustrated. However you can compare this to digging up a bamboo every week to check on growth. Not only would the growth cycle be slower, there is a chance it wouldn’t even survive.

Have you ever left for work late and noticed the more impatient or frustrated you become with traffic, other drivers and stop lights the slower your progress becomes?

When broadcasting a signal “I can’t have what I want” the Universe acting without judgment then responds with heavier traffic, slower stop lights and drivers blocking our path – ensuring we get exactly what we focused on – being late for work!

Self improvement works exactly the same. Broadcasting impatience and frustration to the Universe because of slow or even no progress shouts out the Universe “I cannot manifest my desires!”

The Universe then responds by making sure we get exactly what we focus on – no progress.
So the next time you feel there is nothing happening, remember the bamboo and re-focus attention to your goals and desires.

Acknowledge any impatience or frustration that arises, accept it as yours and then let it go. Self improvement takes time. Little steps today make big improvements tomorrow.

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Gene Anger has a passion for self improvement, which led him to helping others overcome their self-limitation and self-sabotage. Check out his "Free Self Help Tutorial" available at and visit Gene’s blog for current personal development articles.
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