What do men find most attractive in women? That is the quintessential question, right? What is it about the opposite sex that attracts men like bees to honey? If you’re a woman, you might find yourself wondering these very same things. Well, luckily, I’m here to give you some answers.

What do men find most attractive in women? Certainly, there are a lot of things about the female species that men can’t get enough of.

If you ask different guys, they might give you varying answers. However, some features end up being mentioned more than once. And these are the things you really have to take note of.

1) Your Smile

A smile is one of the things that men find most attractive in women. The way a woman smiles can have a lot of different meanings. It can make a girl look pretty, shy, coy, mischievous, etc. A smile can brighten up anyone’s face and bring to light other beautiful features like the eyes and the cheeks.

If you’re looking to get yourself a man, I suggest working on your smile. A lot of guys I know have a habit for falling for the I-am-just-a-girl-having-fun kind of smile. This gives them the impression that the girl is secure with herself and would be fun to hang out with.

2) Your Femininity

How does one describe femininity? It’s in the way you move, the way you walk and the way you dress yourself.

Some women walk with such a natural grace about them that guys can’t help but take notice. If you’re not naturally graceful, a little practice would go a long way. Try walking straighter with one foot in front of the other. Drop your cowboy swagger and adopt steps that are more feminine.

Don’t try to hide your body under large t-shirts or loose pants either. Wear clothes that accentuate your curves or those that bring out your best assets.

3) Your Voice

Another thing that men find most attractive in women is their voice. The ideal is different for every guy. Some like women with a raspier bedroom allure. Others prefer the sweet and innocent tone of a girl next door.

Generally, you could go a long way if you know how to alternate between these two types. Just don’t use two absolutely different voices because that would just freak guys out.

I hope that I have answered the enduring question of “What do men find most attractive in women?” And hopefully, you’ll be able to spot some of these wonderful traits in your equally wonderful self.

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