TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFi framework works with your modem and web access supplier to make an entire home WiFi administration. When associated, you can utilize your Deco to give an association with the web to your interface device. TP-Link HomeCare gives antivirus insurance, parental controls, an SPI firewall, gadget access control, and a secure controller, all to keep your home network free from any danger. Every Deco unit incorporates three years of free antivirus security controlled by Trend Micro. It includes many features and easily connects smartphones, laptops, and computers. The customer thinks it is an awesome product and easy to log in and set up.
Deco utilizes an arrangement of units to accomplish consistent entire home Wi-Fi coverage dispose of weak signal zones unequivocally! With the new Deco Mesh Technology, units cooperate to shape one brought together an entire home network with a similar network name. The customer feels that this is an excellent product, and its speed is very speedy. This product design is very unique and the price is cheapest compare to other products. It is easily available in the market and very easy to connect to the computer, laptop and, it is also very easy to log in, set up, and update. In this article, I will tell the thing about Tp-link Deco

Easily connect the Tp-link Deco to the computer or laptop

Tp-link Deco connect to computer or laptop is very easy. For this, you have to first power ON your computer or laptop and then connect the internet to it. After connecting the internet, you have to go to Google Play Store and open it. You will see a search bar column and you fill the Tp-link deco then, click the search sign. After that, you show an option to install it, then click the install option, and now the app is installed. Then, open the APP and easily connect the computer or laptop.

Quick log-in the Tp-link deco

It does not take much time to log-in to Tp-Link Deco, just you should know the IP address, username, and password. You will get all this information in the manual. If you do not know the manual then you can log-in with the method I have mentioned. Open any web browser such as Chrome, google, safari, internet explorer, and bing. Then, type the IP address of your deco. The IP address is http 192.168 68.1 and press the enter button. Then, show the two fields username and password. You type the username and password after type, you click the login option. Now, log-in to the Tp-link deco is complete.

Simply set up the Tp-link Deco

Setting up the Tp-link Deco is effortless. It is set up in two ways, the first one is DECO APP and the second is a web browser. If you want to set up the APP then you have to install it. If you want to set it up with a web browser, first you have to connect your Tp-link deco to the computer. And a computer wire plugs into the power outlet and turns on the button of a power outlet. Launch the internet explorer and type the in the search bar. After that, display the log-in page and enter the default username and password. Then, show a page and many options are available but click the quick setup option and lower side two options Exit and next. You click the next option. Then, click wireless security and more options are here such as change Wi-Fi name, password, etc. After entering all details then click the next button and now, Tp-link Deco set up is done.

Effortlessly troubleshooting

When your Tp-link deco does not work properly there are many reasons. The reason is slow speed, unstable connection, unable to connect Wi-fi, and not properly logged in or set up. So I have told you how to log in and set it up. You can read it will be a troubleshot. If your device is not working and you want to tp-link deco m5 troubleshooting, you can check the device properly.

Final words

The Tp-link deco is a good product, it performs very well and wi-fi range connectivity is better. I bought this device and got many benefits. After setting it up, whatever problem I had was solved. You can also buy and use it.

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My name is Robert Williams and I am from USA.