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Irrespective of how much you love your dog, there would always be a time when you will have to let them go. This could be when you are traveling for that important meeting, going to see a sick love one maybe for treatment. Whatever the reason may be, there would be a time when you would definitely be leaving that precious pet behind. Because of the need to ensure that their dogs are well taken care of, most people have left them with neighbors. These neighbors most times do not even know the type of food that should be given to these dogs. Home dog boarding could be a good alternative. Most dog owners have entrusted their beloved pets to professional dog kennels to cater for the needs for their dogs.

Dog kennels have been referred to as shelters or structures for dogs. These dogs are housed, fed and bred at these center’s. A dog kennel can be made out of various things the most common being canvas and wood. Dog boarding kennels are places where dogs are housed for a period of time for a fee. Boarding kennels are good alternatives to the traditional dog sitter that has become common over the years. Most people worry about the stress these dogs would have to go through, being put in an new environment. Boarding kennels are working to reduce this stress. Most have incorporated the "one-on-one" or "play time" method to enable them get these dogs out of the kennel even if it is for a short period of time. In addition, these dog kennels allow for owners to bring blankets and familiar toys for the animals to ensure that their stress level is reduced. Presently, most of the dog kennels available offer boarding services as well. You should also bear in mind that most of these kennels offer luxury dog boarding.

Benefits of Dog Kennels Over Sitters:-

1) Better value

Generally, we all want quality service at an affordable price. Bearing in mind that the rates for dog kennels differ, kennels are actually less expensive when compared to sitters. Asides the fact that these dog kennels offer quality service, they also offer a discount for certain services like regular dog bathing and a long list of others.

2) Regular supervision and care:

This is one of the added advantages of choosing dog kennels over sitters. Dog Kennels offer full supervision and care for your beloved pets. Most of these kennels have a long list of staffs that are committed to ensuring that your dog is properly taken care of. Most have even fixed cameras around their facilities to enable them to monitor these lovely animals. As a dog owner, you would be more relaxed knowing that your dog is properly taken care of.

3) Availability:

These dog kennels are available every time of the year. They do not go on holidays or observe other celebrations. If you are planning on traveling during the holidays, be sure that there are dog kennels out there that are ready to fully take care of your pet while you get that needed break. Also, if you have more dogs, these kennels are more than willing to care for them.

Types Of Boarding Kennels

There are different types of boarding kennels you can choose from. They include:

1. Private kennels:

These type of boarding kennels tend to house fewer dogs than the regular dog kennels available. Although city laws and zones might apply, most of these private kennels sit on an average of 5 acres of land. Private kennels are ideal for dogs that are socially anxious or those that require special and more one-on-one care and supervision.

2. Traditional kennels:

These dog kennels are designed to care for your dog. They care for a larger number of dogs than the private kennels. These kennels are built most times indoors with certain in-built runs. Other times they are covered by large fences with enough spaces for these dogs to play whenever he weather is favorable. The areas for sleeping in these dog kennels are private. This is done to ensure that they are able to provide the needed overnight security.

3. Luxury kennels:

As the name implies, these kennels come with added benefits and services which are not enjoyed in the two other mentioned kennels. Some of the services asides dog bathing includes; specially made furnishings, heated swimming pools, massages, freshly baked and delicious treats. The surroundings of these kennels are designed with this appealing and aesthetic feel. They also have more staffs than the other kennels. This is to ensure that your dog gets all the needed care and supervision. They are more expensive than the other dog kennels.

4. Day care:

These kennels are ideal for those dogs that are over enthusiastic and energetic. Those gregarious breeds that are too full of life to spend their time just staring at the windows waiting for your return. Unlike the other dog kennels, much overnight sleeping is not done in these kennels. They have programs that would keep your energetic pet as busy as possible. Exercises and tasks have been incorporated into these programs to ensure that your dog stays active while you are away.

Questions to Ask Before Committing to A Dog Kennel

While we all want what is best for your pets, there are certain questions that must be answered to ensure that the dog kennel you choose would definitely take good and proper care of your dog. These questions include:

• Does the facility have everything my dog would like?
• Do they house cats in the same facility?
• Are you allowed as an owner to bring food and toys?
• Does the kennel offer dog bathing services?
• Who is going to administer the medications to my dog?

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