What you need to know about Amsterdam’s Coffeeshops

Even though smoking weed is still considered illegal in Netherland, coffeeshops establishments remain the ideal places to find marijuana. The sale of cannabis and its products is done in small quantities under the Netherlands' drug policy by licensed shop owners. To learn more about such unique places, you can start by visiting https://en.getsmokin.nl/coffeeshops/amsterdam, where you will have a glimpse of what you should expect. As a newcomer, you need to have a few tips that will guide you when visiting those popular joints

Don't Confuse Coffeeshops with Cafes in Amsterdam

Unlike the usual American coffee shops, those in Amsterdam should not confuse you with normal coffee shops or cafes that serve coffee and snacks. A better term is Koffiehuis’ or coffee house in Dutch and if you find yourself at crosswords with these terms, just be on the lookout for green and white stickers on windows. The stickers indicate that the shops are designed to sell marijuana products. According to the Dutch law, the shops may not sell alcohol other than cannabis products.

Check the Menu First

Just like any other establishments, coffeeshops have their own menus on the standby for every customer. The menus are usually placed on the tables, at the corner or behind the bar. On the menu, you will come across different selections which are divided into hash, weed, pre-rolled joints or even “spacecakes” baked from marijuana as the main ingredient. Each product has its own price which varies by quantity and quality. If you are not familiar with the names on the menu, you can always ask the staff members to clarify everything for you before placing an order.

Don't Buy Too Much

Most of the customers who visit coffeeshops tend to buy too much of the stuff they have chosen. While there's nothing wrong with doing exactly that, it is a good idea to buy the products in small quantities as an indication that you will always come back. In fact, if you are in a group of three or more, you don't have to buy large quantities for everyone. Marijuana is enjoyable when shared among friends. Apart from that, these products are more intense than what you've probably been using hence the need to start off gradually.

Check Out More Coffeeshops

Amsterdam alone has hundreds of such establishments to choose from. Each joint is unique in its own way to meet the needs of different visitors. Some of them offer board games and arcade, while others serve coffee and snacks and a few others have a service desk that allows you to buy edible marijuana among other products.

Ask About Payment

Just before you order your favourite marijuana product, you need to ask the seller what payment options are accepted. Most of the trendier shops do not accept their customers paying in cash while a few don't take credit. This is the case especially for tourists who might find it impossible to use nearby ATM which don't allow recreational use of cannabis products.

Final Thought

Netherlands is famed for its coffeeshops and visitors have always enjoyed cannabis products in such joints. This allows tourists and locals alike to get high without really bothering anyone beyond those shops. That is the main reason licenses are provided to those selling marijuana products in the Netherlands.

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