These days, there are a number of companies that are offering the finest Aluminium Honeycomb Core products. The best companies in this regard make products that are light in terms of weight and are eco friendly as well. This means that you can use them on as many occasions as you wish to. These products have a number of excellent properties. They are also pretty sturdy because of the materials that are used in order to make them. This is something that makes them pretty durable as well and they happen to be fire resistant too. They can also resist various forms of damage such as corrosion and compression.

They are also sufficiently flat enough to resist shear related damages.

In which areas are they applied?

Aluminium honeycomb core is used in machines such as lightweight panels, where they play the role of core. They are also used in airflow ventilation. It has certain properties that allow it to be used in the role of a deflector in case of laminar flow ventilation. It can also be used as a crash absorber in the context of kinetic energy related applications. The core materials of these products are used for a wide range of applications such as sandwich panels, shipbuilding, public transport vehicles, and building industry for floors, doors, roofs, and partitions. In this case they can be used in facades as well.

Apart from these they are also used in areas such as tool machines and serigraphy. They can also be used working surfaces for automatic machines and the like. In fact, they can be used in all kinds of products where you need an optimal ratio for stiffness to weight. They can also be used in floors and furniture galleys as well as sanitary modules. In this form they are also used in interior panel partitions as well. They are probably at their best when used in bonded composite sandwich panels. It is then that their best qualities such as corrosion resistance and high strength to weight ratio come to the fore.

Thus, as you can see, they have a wide range of applications.

The technical specifications

It is common knowledge that the Technical Specifications of these products tend to vary with respect to the maker. However, in case of the best manufacturers there is always some uniformity in this regard. The foil thickness always ranges from 0.035 mm to 0.08 mm. The core ranges from 3.2 mm to 25 mm and the height is from 6 mm to 100 mm. In some cases, if you ask the manufacturers they would provide you a cell size of 1.6 mm as well.

How are they sold?

Aluminium honeycomb can be sold in two major forms – non perforated and perforated. The micro perforations in this case allow air flow within the cells as and when it is needed. This is especially applicable in case of decompression and vacuum tools. They can also be sold as an unexpanded block, expanded sheets, unexpanded slices, and expanded drilled honeycombs. 

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