If you are hoping to move up from an entry level job or an intermediate position, some hard work and creativity can get you there. Moving up the corporate ladder is feasible and easier if you follow these tips.

Build Your Own Personal Brand

When people enter your name into search engines, what do they see? If the answer is private social media accounts or nothing but ads for paid database information, it is time to build a personal brand. For example, if you are a personal injury attorney who just started working with a big firm, you can make your own blog or video blog about personal injury topics. You should certainly mention what firm you work for and encourage people to contact you. Drumming up business for your firm looks good to your employers. Also, if you become an authoritative name on the subject, the firm is more likely to promote a trusted figure who has proven to be passionate about his or her job than someone who merely puts in the required hours.

Advance Your Education

One way to move up to a higher position is to gain the necessary skills. Some companies may keep you at a certain level for many years if you lack a bachelor's or master's degree. For example, if you work as a receptionist for a busy HR department, you could earn a human resources degree online. With a bachelor's or master's human resources degree, you will be qualified faster for an assistant or management role in the department.

Be An Innovative Achiever

One of the most crucial keys to advancement is being an achiever rather than a doer. You still have to complete your daily tasks. However, you can find ways to build achievements from those tasks. For example, if you work in sales and conduct regular satisfaction follow up calls, you can offer your customers a small referral discount if they send their professional connections to you. Management will take notice of your achievements and leadership, and you will be on the fast track for a promotion.

Network With The Right People

If you used to be someone who avoided managers or executives in your company, take an opposite approach. You can network without looking like you are asking for special favors. Take a genuine interest in several people in various departments or on various levels. You should not hone your interest solely to the top executives or those who are in charge of promoting. If key people know who you are and you are in the front of their minds frequently, they will be more likely to recognize you and your name when they are considering promotions. When you combine recognition with being an achiever, you have an even bigger chance of moving up the ladder.

Speak Up

When there are group meetings with CEOs and other executives, give your input if questions are asked. If you have well-formed ideas that are innovative, share them. The people who are in charge of promoting want to see your drive every day in the workplace. Keep in mind that they are looking for people who are not afraid to speak up, want to lead and are passionate about teamwork. Be honest but tactful in everything. Executives want to promote people who they know can deliver upfront assessments without sacrificing professionalism.

Although you are looking to promote from within a company, keep your resume updated with your major achievements. When it is time for the executives to choose who moves up, you will be ready to show them why that person is you.

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