Day by day technology is evolving with the latest trends in most of the business sectors. Insurance industry is one such business domain where new challenges are accepted by adopting the new skills, technological advancements and capabilities. Even though insurance industry viewed as a slow moving industry, but technological integrations and changing customer needs made it possible to reach the clients globally. Latest insurance trends in 2016 have been drastically changed with the increased data intelligence, improved accuracy while claiming for policies and most importantly customer centric services.

Here we shall discuss more briefly about the latest trends that are changing the insurance industry.

1. Digital Technology Will Replace Physical Channels
As per the survey in 2016, soon digital technology will significantly replace physical activities in next few years. It has proved that more than 40% of physical insurance activities will be transformed to the digital channels. Specially, renewals, claims handling, payments, customer feedbacks will become automatic tasks.

2. Modern Touch To Legacy Work – Flow

Over the decades, insurance business is inhibited with the legacy work-flow and also outdated technologies was resulting the high maintenance costs. But the trend of modern technologies like big data analysis and cloud computing has evolved the insurance industry do business. So it’s the time for the insurance companies to cope with the latest technologies and to modernize the legacy platforms for efficient work flow.

3. Personalized Services

Customer is the king for the insurance companies so companies should provide personalized services for them. In order to retain the customer, build trusty relationship and stay connected them with the various digital touch points like social media, mobile apps and sending personalized emails on their special days. By doing this way your companies can generate more conversion rates and sales ratio.

4. Mobile Apps To Offer Special Offers

As smartphone users are increasing day by day, insurance companies are steadily implementing this business strategy to target the new clients. By using mobile apps customers can easily for new polices, contact insurance advisor, calculate premium amounts and many other things. Also companies can keep their customers engaged through social networking and many other modes of communication to stay connected with them.

5. Big Data Analytics

Insurance is the data driven industry, where it creates huge amount of structured and unstructured data. Analyzing this huge database helps insurance providers to take important decisions. To make it more effective, big data analytics plays a major role to deal with an enormous number of policy holders to handle and evaluate.

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