A quality garden sprayer always plays a vital role in keeping your garden weed- and pest-free and makes gardening whole lot easier. Before buying a garden sprayer, you need to consider some important things.


There are different types of garden sprayers – each with its own pros and cons. So, have a look on them -

• Gasoline/Battery Operated Sprayers

These garden sprayers are powered by gasoline or battery to spray the solution without making pressure from a pump. They are very versatile and can be fitted well with hoses, booms, and spray nozzles. These sprayers can easily hold more liquid but they are quite expensive.

• Backpack sprayer

This type of sprayer is good for the ones with arthritis problems or might be ready to carry bulk of solution on their backs instead of their hands. Most of these sprayers have pump action system but it uses lever operation.

• Pump Action

Also known as compression sprayers, these sprayers have a difference in pressure in the tank as how much chemical you can get when it comes to spray your garden. The solution takes less force to come out if there is a lot of air in this kind of sprayer.

• Wheeled Sprayer

They are ideal if you have back or arthritis issues with heavy lifting. Wheel your sprayer to the garden and spray. But it is quite less maneuverable, especially when getting low under a leaf.

• Handheld sprayer

They usually have two ports – one for hose and another for solution. Plug in your solution to the bottom and plug hose on the port on rear panel. Squeeze the trigger once it is connected.

Spreader Sticker

It is ideal for gardening as it keeps solution stick to the plants. Water tends to bead. So, water can stick in more flat configuration by adding this solution to the herbicide/pesticide mixture and water.


You should choose a sprayer which is easy to clean, especially in case of some pest killers and weed killing products. You can just buy an additional tank or fill the tank with soapy water. Spray as you usually do once it is filled.

Easy to adjust

There are some products come with adjustable features to make it very easy to spray in the garden. They also have adjustable nozzles so you can spray under the leaves and other places which are hard to reach without getting down on your knees. It is very important feature for a gardener.


A garden sprayer can be made of three common materials like polyethylene plastic, stainless steel and galvanized steel. Plastic is cheapest and lightest material but is less durable than steel ones. But steel sprayers are heavier but last longer. Usually, plastic is a good enough material if you are using non-powered sprayer as they can last for years if you use it carefully.

Tank Capacity

The sizes of sprayer tank range from 1 qt to over 3 gallons. Handheld sprayers are usually the smallest ones and backpack ones are largest. You can also get smaller backpack sprayers as well. Well, tank capacity can be selected on the basis of size of the garden. You can choose best 1 gallon garden sprayer for small capacity garden.

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