Keeping important documents, cash, and other valuables in a combination lock safe is a smart idea. It protects your assets from robbery, fire, or natural disasters, but what happens when you can't open the safe to access those important things? Trying to open a safe when the combination is forgotten can prove to be difficult and time-consuming.

When this happens, it is good to call a trusted locksmith in Philadelphia to avoid damaging the lock and making it more difficult to open or repair. However, when you think of locksmiths, the first thing that pops up is, the professionals who can unlock the entrance doors when your get locked out and deal with car locks when you have lost the keys. Indeed, locksmiths can easily help you out with the above services and much more, including personal and commercial safes as well just like that offered by Fast Pro Locksmith.

There are various techniques that a professional lock and key expert employee to troubleshoot the problem and get the safe open. Here in this blog post you will learn about the reasons why a safe may not open and how a locksmith can help.

Forgotten the combination

If you aren't able to remember the combination for the safe, don't strain your mind. Diverting your attention to another task for a short time will enable you to remember it. You should also check with your family member to be sure they have not changed the combination. Once you have done this, find the serial number of your safe and contact the manufacturer. If you are not able to recover the combination, call in the professional locksmith. They have the technique to crack the safe open.

Safe not opening with correct combination

If you are sure that the combination is correct, yet the safe is not opening, then the problem could be with lever or hinges rather than the locking mechanism. You should call in the professional locksmith Glenolden to deal with the issue. As trying to force open the safe, you could damage the safe beyond repair.

Combination dial loose or not rotating

When the combination lock dial seems to stick on a certain number or it stops rotating altogether, it could be a sign of a serious problem. It is likely that the internal parts of the lock are broken or have been worn out. Before you take any measures, check with the manufacturer. If the safe is under warranty, they will send a professional to troubleshoot the issue at no extra cost. However, if the safe is not under warranty, then you should call a locksmith. They will assess the safe to find the reason and inform you on what steps to take.

How a locksmith can open the safe?

It may seem impossible to open a locked combination safe, however, locksmiths have the tools and techniques of the trade to assess the problem, free the lock, and repair it.
They drill a tiny hole into the safe to pass a small instrument and see how to open the lock. This is an effective and relatively inexpensive method to utilize. Cutting a locked safe open is also another method, but professional locksmiths rarely take this course of action.

This is how a professional lock and key experts can help with unlocking your combination safe. If you have been looking to hire a professional locksmith in your area then Fast Pro Locksmith is the one to choose. They have a team of certified and licensed locksmith technicians offering 24 hour emergency mobile locksmith services in Philadelphia and nearby areas. Call them at 215-693-5582 today to schedule locksmith services and gain peace of mind that your safe is in trusted hands.

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