Isn't it funny how, as children, we seem to know just what to do when feeling down; but now that we've supposedly gotten older and wiser, we don't seem to have a clue on what to do?

Perhaps it's about time we go back to our roots and ask our inner child what to do when feeling down.

Tip # 1: Get Moving.

There's nothing like an adrenaline shot to boost our energy when we most need it. But while a cup of coffee seems to be every grown-up's answer to any problem, it can be just as responsible for getting us down in the long run.

Why don't we try a less serious approach? Take a page from any seven or eight-year-old out; let's start jumping up and down. Wave our hands around and dance to the beat of our own music. By moving our body, we can pump ourselves full with natural adrenaline!

Tip # 2: Have A Good Cry.

Infants, toddlers and kids always cry when something gets them down. And sometimes, we need to do the same as well.

After all, we can't just keep everything to ourselves. All that pent-up emotion is bound to do more harm than good; and that's not exactly a good example of what to do when feeling down.

Wailing out in the middle of a meeting, of course, is not an option. Find a quiet corner to let your emotions out or find a friend to listen to your woes. Let it all out and then let it go.

Tip # 3: Indulge Occasionally.

Still don't know what to do when feeling down? At other times, there is no better way to deal with such a negative emotion than to treat ourselves to something good.

Whether it's the latest product from Apple or a heavenly slice of chocolate cake, we need to indulge our whims from time to time.

Look at the kids you see in the supermarket. Many of them make such a fuss over a toy or a chocolate bar, but are instantly silenced when their parents hand them something of interest. Even after all these years, we haven't really changed that much at all.

Now that you know what to do when feeling down, why don't you go and help others find the same happiness as you now have? Who knows? They might have something to add to the list that might help you feel wonderful in seconds.

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