"What is your hobby?" - one of the most common questions when meeting new people. But the answer to which many people simply do not have.

We live in the modern world, work, study, communicate. Many of us don't have enough time for hobbies. We don't even think about doing what we love. But you can learn a lot about a person from a hobby. We are all so different and that's great! A hobby helps us not to lose interest in life, makes it brighter, and gives it meaning.


Sometimes people say they don't have passion. And, indeed, the majority cannot find something to their liking. I like everything but do nothing. Therefore, we always think about what to do in our free time! So, let's talk about the most common hobbies among people. Perhaps you will be interested in something.



This hobby is the most popular among modern people. Traveling gives us numerous amazing and unforgettable emotions. For many people, their wish to see the world, to try something new, to communicate with other nations is much stronger than the need to buy a house or an expensive car. There are many examples when people save up a whole year to travel to new interesting places. It doesn't matter what kind of travel you like, because the main thing is to get rid of everyday worries and get a lot of positive emotions.



Food is an essential part of our life, which is why cooking has become a very popular hobby all over the world. For most of us, cooking is a very routine matter. But there are people who are more creative in this process. Cooking a delicious dish is a real art. This hobby is practiced by both women and men. Now a plenty amount of sites with interesting recipes and video courses are creating, and various culinary schools are opening as well.



We've all collected something during our lives. Someone's desire to collect goes away with age, while someone has been doing it for the whole life. You can collect anything. Numerous persons collect, for instance, rare coins, it could be said, hunt for them. Trade them on exchanges such as Pacific Precious Metals. Something can be bought for a penny, but some copies require large financial input. You may collect everything! From beer bottles to meteorites. In general, you just need to turn on your imagination.



Today it is fashionable to be active, optimistic, healthy, with positive energy and a cheerful mood. And all this can be provided by the most popular hobby in the world - sports activities. Many people choose completely different sports for themselves. Someone prefers yoga and cycling, and someone karate and bodybuilding. In any case, if you do sports correctly, then it will benefit not only the body but also the soul.



This is one of the most popular and contemporary hobbies in the world. Today everyone can afford an inexpensive camera. Even with the camera of flagman smartphones, you can get decent pictures. Another plus of photography is the ability to practice all year round at any time. It also gives lots of impressions and new acquaintances, and various kinds of pictures as well.


We wish you to find your passion. Good luck!

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Matt Wilson is a Motivational Speaker, Technology Enthusiast, Health Freak, and a Proud Father!