Confirmed by thousands of hospitals and researches, blocked fallopian tube is one of the top reasons of infertility. However, the cure rate still is a big problem because of the postoperative infection and the high recurrence rate. Therefore, how to give an end to this condition is concerned by more and more people.

All of the therapies for blocked fallopian tubes can be classified into two types, surgery and medicines. It is hard to choice one from them. Generally speaking, surgery is a common and the most frequent used therapy for tubal blockage. The surgery will be different varies depends on the blockage location and the degree of the blockage. If it is on the tubal umbrella end, salpingostomy is usually performed.

If the tubal umbrella end is totally blocked or adhered, women may need to accept the salpingectomy. However, if women only have the tubal umbrella end damaged, the plastic operation of salpingian tubal umbrella end is needed.

Although the effect of surgery for blocked fallopian tube is obvious and quick, the side effects are also impressive. Surgery can bring postoperative infection to women. What's more, women may also have to face the loss of fallopian tubes, once the tubes are damaged and un-function.

As for the medicine, I have to say that, they also have advantages and disadvantages. Medicine cannot work so fast like the surgery. Women may need to take for months. As you may know that the medicine can be divided into western medicine and herbal medicine two kinds.

Western medicine works faster than herbal medicine. However, the herbal medicine won't bring side-effect like the damage on organs like western medicine do. Herbal medicine also has many other functions that western medicine does not have like promoting self-healing ability and improving immunity and so on. As a result, it is hard to tell which therapy is better.

However, if you are a sufferer with blocked fallopian tubes, you can choose herbal medicine, for example, the Fuyan Pill, which is a patented medicine. With the help of this pill, you don’t have to lose your fallopian tubes and avoid any other damage of your body.

Anyway, you would rather choose the safe one, even though the curing period is the longest among them. So when blocked fallopian tubes break out, maybe you can choose a proper therapy based on your condition. Wish you health.

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