Dealing with a medical condition is a challenging experience, fraught with difficulties, anxieties, and difficult decisions. It’s no secret that the cost of medication has skyrocketed in recent years.

Diabetes medication has increased in price to the point where a recent damning New York Times article reported one in four patients admitted to rationing their medication due to costs. Prices were reported to have tripled between 2002 and 2013, an unfortunately similar story to many other essential medications.

In the USA alone there are an estimated 100 million diabetics. With volumes this large it’s inevitable that many will not have the money or insurance needed to cover the excessive costs associated with out of pocket payments for essential medications.

Thankfully a variety of payment options are available which shift the cost of medication away from the consumer, allowing them to continue to live the life they want, without excessive financial burden or duress. Recently Diabetes sufferers have hit the headlines due to soaring medication costs, for which programs such as the Lantus Patient Assistance Program can mitigate.

Essential Medication

Just why are drugs like Lantus essential?
Lantus is a long-acting form of insulin which gives a steady release of insulin over time. Typically prescribed for those with Type 1 Diabetes, Lantus can be provided for all forms of diabetes, either type 1, or as an effective medication for type 2 sufferers whose previous medication had not been effective enough.

Insulin is a key component in the breakdown of sugar within the body, a hormone which signals and aids in the glucose absorption from the blood. When the body cannot produce insulin it is known as type 1 diabetes when the body produces insulin, but that insulin cannot function effectively, that is known as type 2 diabetes. Both are dangerous conditions which cause damaging levels of glucose to remain in the bloodstream; this leads to serious complications and various adverse effects.

For those suffering from Diabetes of any form, the need for reliable access to insulin medication has a profound impact on quality of life and halting damaging complications which arise from diabetes. These complications can include Diarhea (which can be treated for low cost with the dificid rx assist program).

The Lantus Patient Assistance Program
The Lantus Patient Assistance Program is aimed at mitigating the cost to individuals. Making sure that individuals have reliable and financially viable access to life-saving medication can change not only the financial situation of those who enroll, but also removes many of the stresses and anxieties associated with paying for essential medication for either yourself or those you care for.

The Lantus Patient Assistance Program cuts monthly costs of this medication considerably; recent stories have circulated concerning savings in the region of hundreds of dollars, such programs open medication to those who would otherwise find the costs out of their reach.

For those without direct industry knowledge, the bewildering array of medical information available online can prove to be a barrier, with assistance programs however, effective medication is within reach. Some programs do not require insurance, offer free medication, or otherwise assist financially in keeping medication available to those who need it.

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