Here I want to tell you what to talk about with girls during dating, what is the most important thing during the conversation to be discussed and what you should never mention under any circumstances.

You know how important it is to be able to communicate. This is almost half the success if you can do it. Just being able to talk nicely and well is a great skill. But it does not work if you choose the wrong content during the conversation while dating. Let’s understand the #1 rule during a conversation with a lady.

The most important thing – make the conversation about her and ask the right questions.

If you ask where she works, then the maximum you get is the name of the company and the boredom on her face.

But if you try to find out what she likes most about her work, what else would she like to do, what are her professional dreams and so on, then you will hear interesting detailed answers.

Plus, she herself will be curious enough to answer non-trivial questions. The thing is, how exactly do you ask her what you would like to know.
Also, talk to her about her travels.
Ask where she was, what she liked most there, where she would like to return. Are there places where she would dream to go.

You, too, can safely tell her some cool things from your travels, just not about the Turkish resort novels, but about what could really surprise her.


Now, let’s talk about the topic you should avoid during the conversation.

Compromising sexual themes: did she ever cheater her man, threesomes, what she thinks about swingers, did you want to be a mistress and get yourself a slave etc.

Merits and successes of your friends. This shows you against their background as a loser, as if there is nothing outstanding in you.

Memories of your ex-girl, especially about what she is crap and cheating.

Themes completely distant from woman circle of interests: soccer, football, PC games, fishing, hunting, and others.
She may, for the sake of propriety, will listen and nod, but silently yawn and consider you to be boring or obsessed with muscles;

Never gossip, slander, be angry on other people and mostly important – don’t brag. Be confident in yourself, but there is a thin line between confidence and bragging.


As you can see, there is a huge number of topics to have a conversation about during your dates. Just remember, be funny, make the conversation about her and don’t brag about yourself. Good luck!

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