Shooting events can be glamorous work. You are out there, mingling with humans who are having fun, your mission to seize the drama, color, and buzz with your camera.

So yes, it is exciting. However, it is difficult too, as many pros will be very rapid to point out. Whether you are taking event photography Switzerland on bf's wedding ceremony or a hockey game, you will choose to pay attention to these tips.

You want the right gear

You cannot get the perfect shot barring the proper equipment.


By a long way, the most vital piece of tools is a lens with a speedy opening ideally, f/2.8 and faster.

Be aware that the faster the lens, the greater expensive it will be. This is especially authentic for telephoto lenses at these aperture ranges. Dependable preferences from both Canon and Nikon are the 24-70 f/2.8 and the 70-200 f/2.8. These beasts provide top-notch sharpness, dazzling low-light performance, and fast focusing.

Camera bodies

If you are doing event photography Switzerland activities in dim light, like concerts, you are going to desire a digital camera that performs well at high ISO settings, in the range of 1600-12800 or higher.

A full-frame digital camera works nicely for this. The larger sensor measurement captures extra light, and the more recent fashions from canon, Sony, and Nikon provide remarkable overall performance at high ISOs, producing flawlessly usable pix with little noise even at 6400 iso and above.


While most photographers select to shoot in on hand light, flash can provide some innovative possibilities. Besides, every now and then you just want a flash to get the proper shot.

Along with a flash, invest in a softbox or similar setup to avoid growing that shiny, caught-in-the-headlights look. Walls will come to be your friend, as you will favor jumping the light off them. Also, explore what second curtain sync provides you with gradual shutter speed.

If you are taking pictures of a fancy event, like a wedding ceremony the place the bride and groom are counting on you for all the photos, it pays to have a second body camera. That will save you from having to switch lenses regularly. Also, get an ad copy of the entirety your personal if humanly possible, from memory cards to lenses.

Look for memorable moments

Event photography Switzerland is all about shooting the moment. It ought to be a team of friends sharing a joke. On the other hand, the guitar players at the live performance attack for the duration of a solo. Catching these scenes is what makes for terrific photos. You need to be on the lookout, constantly aware of what is going on around you. In addition, it is saying you want to have the whole thing set up so you do not miss the shot when it happens.

Practicing how to use the light, how to get the most out of humans, and how to post-process effectively will honestly assist you to shine as a match photographer.

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