When people talk about hemp oil and CBD oil, they sometimes think that they are the same thing but although they come from the same plant, the way that you actually extract and process the oil is what makes the difference between it being hemp or CBD.

Hemp oil processing

When you are withdrawing hemp oil you generally use a process called cold pressing, this is where you use water or another Ph neutral liquid and a big press, you place the plants on top of the screen and then water them, you then use a heavy press to press the plants through a screed screen

You then end up collecting and separating the oils from the results of the pressing process, because oil and water separate this is actually a fairly simple and easy process to undertake.

CBD oil processing

Supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) uses supercritical fluid – in this case carbon dioxide – to obtain a pure plant extracts without the use of hazardous chemicals and solvents that could contaminate the final product. SFE allows for the highest purity also because it won’t extract any unwanted ingredients and impurities; as there is no need to purify the product, the whole extraction process is significantly shortened. CO2 extraction is an example of green chemistry because it is a clean and safe process with no negative impact on the environment.

Is it legal?

Depending on what country, state, zone etc it has varying levels of legality in the UK you are allowed to grow hemp if you have a licence from the government whereas in certain parts of the USA with all the new laws that have come into place in regards to Marijuana it is legal now in the majority of states, although still not at a federal level, if you are part of or looking to get into the CBD community in the USA there are a whole swath of different groups that will help you with the levels of legality and what rules and laws you will have to abide by in the growing, processing of hemp based products.


So, when it comes to Hemp and CBD although there are a lot of differences they actually do come from the same plant and in some ways, you could see how people get confused when the subject of these 2 different oils comes up. You can also buy a combined CBD in Virgin Hemp Oil.

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