“Being refined in appearance, form and style indicates that we not only respect and care for ourselves but that we take others seriously as well.” By Alexandra Stoddard.

Many people make the mistake of not dressing appropriately to work. The way you dress affects how others view you. What you wear to work also depends on the industry as there are industry standards. Basically dress for your job. If you are a fashion, creative designer, hair or make-up artists, you can afford to be more outrageous in your dressing. However if you are working in an office and is unsure what to wear, avoid clothes that are overly trendy; choose styles that are classic and understated elegance.

The following are some tips on what NOT to wear to work :

Overly Revealing Attire :

In most professions, you should stay away from overly revealing attires like dresses, blouses or tops that show too much cleavage at the front or backless clothes that leave your back revealing. Bare midriff and tube tops are also not advisable. Women who dress in unprofessional attire will most likely be passed off as someone who seeks attention through their clothes than their skills or ability.

Outrageous Hair Colour :

Unless you are working in a salon, extreme hair colour like blue, magenta or multi colours are distracting to colleagues and business clients in the office. Natural looking colours black, dark brown are fine.

Long, fake or bright-coloured nails :

Avoid nails that are too long with multi-flowered patterns and bright colours. Just keep to neatly manicured hands will be ideal eg short nails and neutral polish.

Fishnet stockings :

They might be a trend now but they are too sexy for office environment.

Over accessorizing :

Using fashion jewelry is ideal to enhance your outfit example earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, belts etc. However, when worn in bulk it will look tacky. Too much real diamond and gold used can be seen as “show off” as well. Avoid too noisy jewelry example crash in colours and extremely large or ornate pieces. A rule of thumb, let just one piece of jewelry be the focal point. If your emphasis is on your earrings which are long and colourful, then play down the necklace and bracelet if you need to wear them. If you are wearing a chunky beaded necklace, skipping earrings and bracelet will be a good choice.

Tattoos :

Although tattoos may seem common these days, but many business people are still put off by them especially tattoos on obvious places like on the neck or on the arms (if you are wearing a sleeveless blouse). These tattoos look cool during off working hours but they are best keep under wraps during working hours.

Appearance can create credibility. Quoted by Mark Twain “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.”

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