Facebook ads can seem like an easy way to get things working in your business or they can seem like the most difficult thing you have ever done. Probably a mixture of both.

Here are a few ideas for you to consider as you grow using ads…
1. Complacency Kills

It seems so easy to just click that boost post button, doesn’t it? But please make sure you do some targeting. There is a reaspn FB puts it there – It is like the sweets at the checkout in a supermarket. They want you to have a ‘spur of the moment’, ‘absolutely must have it’ buying moment and out goes your hard earned money and all you do is generate a set of likes, comments, shares that mean nothing to the bottom line of your business.
2. Do Not Copy

I used to do this. Copy people’s ads in the newsfeed thinking that well, if it is there, then it must be working. Not strictly true! Sometimes, the ads are being tested and they just ain’t working for them. You copy it and get the same silly results.
3. Do not be too broad in your targeting

Yes, I understand that everyone wants what you have but you do not have the money to reach everyone! Pick specific audiences and speak to them directly. Do not sound like you are talking to the whole world, be specific in your ad copy and also specific in the interests and demographic choices in the Ads manager
4. Do not get too emotional about it

I know it is your money and it feels like you are actually throwing it down the plughole at times! But seriously, FB can be a bit of an awkward beast at times, get used to that! And instead of getting all emotional and fed up about things, delete the annoying ad and try something different! You just keep going until it works. And when it stops working, you do something different until that works.
5. Do not make the Facebook advert all about you!

I know, I know your product is awesome, amazing, lovely and all things sweet and nice and everyone needs to know of it! However, you need to make the advert about their pains or desires. Speak to your person in your ad!
6. Do not try to sell directly to a cold audience

Use remarketing! Get people onto your list with a lead magnet of some sort and a advert for that then upload your mailing list to the backend of Facebook and use that to try and make sales. Get to building that list!! Let me show you how in the Deliberate Millionaire.
7. Do not use Facebook Advertising to promote your business opportunity

FB no-no! They don’t like it! So don’t do it if you want your account to stay your account! Promote your product and then let the thank you page mention your business opportunity.

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