We are all unique, we are all special, but do we act that way when we are talking about our business?

What are you doing to differentiate yourself from the other people in your expertise or field? How do you stand out from the other coaches, speakers, practitioners, healers, counselors, and other business owners? Remember, in a field of grey, a splash of color really stands out!

So what are we talking about here, how do you stand out from the crowd? In traditional marketing terms it's called a "USP" or "Unique Selling Proposition" - in Authentic Marketing we prefer to think of it as what makes YOU special.

As you begin to articulate what makes you special and what makes you different, several things begin to happen - you immediately stand out from the crowd, you are no longer in direct competition with the other people in your field, your confidence begins to grow and you begin to position yourself as an expert.


Take out some paper and take some time to answer the following questions:

  • What makes me (my product or my service) special?
  • What do I do differently than anyone else in my field?
  • What do I offer that no one else does?
  • Why should someone work with me as opposed to anyone else?
  • What are my unique strengths and gifts?
  • What are the benefits I can promise (and deliver on)?

Once you have created a list of what makes you special, begin to cull it down. Put yourself in your potential client's shoes and ask yourself what really stands out. What's really special. Be a tough grader.

Once you have a solid list you can begin using it to differentiate yourself as you are speaking to potential clients and in all your marketing materials.

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Putting into action the very system and principles they teach, Paige Stapleton and Brian Stark left careers that were leaving them feeling small and unfulfilled and followed their bliss! Now, as founders of Authentic Marketing Made Easy™, and The Authentic Marketing System™, they have created a life they love helping healers, practitioners, coaches and other small business owners learn the simple and authentic way to market and grow their service-based businesses, so they can attract more clients and make more money, while staying in integrity with their passion and purpose.