A significant aspect of any country to attract the tourists is its people, so is the case with India. The inhabitants of India are famous all over the world for their warm nature and welcoming attitude, no matter the part of the world you come from. A vacation in any hamlet or city of India is not complete without its vibrant and riotous population. Let us see what makes the Indians such an attractive race for the rest of the world.

Their energetic attitude

When you are an Indian, your life does not know the meaning of serious or static. Everything related to your life is vibrant and colorful. Whether it is a wedding in the house, a family function, a cricket match, a movie release, or a neighbor’s birthday, you cannot control your excitement. Everything you do has to have a exuberant touch to it. The extreme limit of celebration is to watch the funeral carnival of a few elderly people in India; their family celebrates their long and healthy life after they die! Kudos!

The family bonds

It is no less than a wonder for the world to watch the Indian families comprising more than three generations still living merrily with each other under one roof! Even if the space in the house is not much, the space in their heart certainly is. The dozens of members of one family love each other madly, despite the fights and arguments. Although the youngest fellas of the family receive the maximum love and pampering from the entire family, the guests in the house are not spared as well. Once you touch the hearts of a few members in the family, you will find them to be the most loving people on earth.

Hosting the guests

When the world did not know the meaning of tourism, India believed that the guest is the same as God in the house, or Atithi Devo Bhava, as they say in Sanskrit. The hospitality of the Indians is worth experiencing and is not limited to five-star hotels only. If you are a well-behaved, or even a little impolite, guest in an Indian family, they will do everything possible to make you comfortable and feel at home. Even if they have to sleep on the floor, they will give you their bed to sleep!

Celebrating festivals 

The number of festivals any country in the world celebrates is nowhere close to that of India. We have hundreds of big and small celebrations happening throughout the year in every city and village, which is a proof of the Indians’ love for festivity. Holi and Diwali are the major festivals that the entire country celebrates, but there are many others that attract the locals as well as tourists. Many festivals are celebrated with unparalleled energy across the lines of cultures and religions. The best aspect of these celebrations is their food. The specialties and delicacies of the festivals represent their culinary aspect and make the Indians long for the delicious cuisines.

The art of Bargaining

The ascetic Indians may be famous in the western world for their renunciation of the materialistic things, but the Indians are equally brilliant when it comes to the avaricious things. Accompany any Indian to the market and watch them haggling with the shopkeepers. A true bargainer will defy every logic to argue with a seller and take the item he or she has set the eyes on best possible price, which may be sometimes even 1/4th of the price the seller had originally quoted. Whether it is Self-Drive Car Rental Pune or a bunch of coriander, you can watch them argue for any possible thing on earth.

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