Attaining true wealth and abundance is not something that you have to do externally in order to be over-flowing with money. It is what you do on the inside that dictates whether or not you will have true wealth and abundance. Most importantly, it begins with your internal approach towards yourself. If you are always stressing, worrying and struggling to get money, then you are not aligning with your higher self in order to attain true wealth and abundance.

If you are constantly feeling that life is hard, if you constantly feel lousy within yourself, you are actually repelling that successful life that you desire. Many individuals grew up seeing their parents struggle with money, they see people around them who may be poor and they passed on that message of lack. Sadly, those individuals grew up thinking the same thing that money is hard to come back. They feel and believe that they have to struggle through life and if they are not struggling then they won’t get the life they desire. Nothing could be more further from the truth. To begin living an abundant lifestyle, we not only have to change our thinking, we need to go deeper within ourselves to begin tuning into true wealth and abundance.

To begin clearing up our inner approach to wealth and abundance we need to look at our thoughts and feelings towards money. Where you taught as a child that the love of money is the root of all evils? Chances are you were. However, it’s not the love of money that causes evil, it is what people do. Money is just paper for a barter system. It has no tangible attachment to the behaviours of people. Money is extremely necessary in this world we live in to survive. We need to pay our bills, especially the rent or mortgage, go on vacations, shop for nice clothes and go to a nice restaurant every once in awhile and overall have financial freedom. Therefore we need to appreciate money and the things it can acquire and or do for us.

How we feel about ourselves plays a huge role in our approach to money and a life of abundance. Many of the issues regarding wealth and abundance were taken from an external approach. But from an inner approach, if we do not feel good about ourselves we will constantly repel any abundant life that we desire. If we feel that we don’t deserve anything good, then we won’t have anything good in our lives. We attract on the outside how we feel about ourselves on the inside. If you feel that you are ugly, not good enough, have self-hatred, then your life will always attract things and people that will help you to feel more of what you feel and believe about yourself.

Mike Dooley of once said, everything will come to you if only you would take the time to relax. That is so true. Many of you are running around like a chicken without head trying to make things work, trying to get that almighty dollar, and trying to gain success. However, you will not attain any of those things if you don’t relax and tap into your higher self and align with Spirit. When you begin to align yourself with Spirit, you begin to tune into abundance and you will begin to attract the resources and opportunities necessary for you to become a success spiritually.

It is not enough to change your thoughts or even to tap into Spirit. We first need to start loving and believing in ourselves. We need to start clearing up all the emotional debris that was left over from an abusive childhood, a life filled with domestic violence and old relationships that left hurtful scars. Start caring more about how you feel about yourself. Once you have cleared away the emotional debris, your life will begin to open up and attract the people, situations, a great love relationship, money and opportunities that you would not have been open to previously. Things will begin to happen for you. You will become a magnet for everything that is in your best interest. Your life will begin to flow and everything will seem as if it is flowing freely and effortlessly.

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Trudy-Ann Ewan is a Spiritual Life Design Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author who is passionate about helping individuals create their passionate life. She motivates and educates individuals on how to fall in love with themselves and create a balanced and (w)holistic life by developing a better relationship with themselves without judgment. Sign up for the free Create Your Passion Newsletter at: and where you can also join her coaching program. You can join her on Facebook:

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