It is so easy to just live your life out with your dream in the background, never realized. Many of us go to the grave with an aspiration that was never fulfilled. There is a theory that our souls progress by our dreams as well as the good deeds we do on earth in our time. Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, living the good life is the concern of many, and, perhaps it is yours, as well. To be sure, the good life often is a dream on the horizon, yet to be achieved, seemingly unreachable. And because it seems off in the distance and unreachable, the dream is put far in the back of our minds—tucked away like a flowery hat or a fishing rod, waiting for a warmer, sweeter season.

Is your dream is important? Have assigned a value to it? If it is the flowery hat or the fishing rod, it is dormant, decreased in value compared to the trappings of your present day to day life. Why should your dream be valuable if it is so unreachable and dormant?

Finding out what your dream is links yourself to a very important part of yourself-- not your everyday operating mind, but your embedded and very powerful mind, often called the subconscious mind. This part of your brain often instructs you, even though you are not aware that it does. It can send powerful messages to you. This under laying legislature governs your bodily functions and underwrites the core of your thinking. This part of your brain is sometimes referred to as the subconscious, the blind self, because, it does not see the “real” sensorial world as you see it through your senses. But its perceptions are very sensitive and it can instruct the exterior, sensorial you when it has to and often it does, whether you like it or not. You meet this part of your brain every night in your dreams. Here is an example of this part of your brain affecting your life: You have to get a new car because your old one requires new brakes and this will be a major cost. As you are considering this fact, you begin to notice newer cars on the road. They suddenly capture your attention. This part of your brain (subconscious) is actually notifying your conscious mind of your need and desire. You might also go to car dealerships and gather information on new and used vehicles, however, the mysterious showcasing of cars as you drive to work or are doing errands is coming from another part of your brain.

It is interesting that we are designed that way, two consciousnesses: one deep and obscure, one present and monitoring our sensorial world, the other governing our deeper selves on a primal, dream-level. Should they come together, we would, no doubt, be a total being. And in many religions, the quest for that unity is the base of belief. Whatever your belief might be, you have probably experienced at one time or another an awareness of that subconscious part of your brain which operates from an inner part of you and that it has it's own and very valid reality. To become acquainted with it (dreaming is a good look at it) is to begin to develop your total self. Often, this is what creativity is all about, diving into the deep embedded self, inviting it to surface, and uniting it with the sensorial self. This union is the total self. We seem to been eternally challenged to bring together our conscious and subconscious selves. In each newborn, there is always the inbuilt rift between the two. Depending on our genes, proclivities and personalities, some of us can deal with the rift easier than others. It may be, at the end of our lives, the rift is finally dissolved and the total self emerges.

For many, in this contemporary world, there is no dream, just the physical and very challenging world and that is the main frame of reference for existence. Even with very sparse assistance for survival, the dream is present, often exacerbated by need and prompting solace from our inner being –the subconscious. The dream exists in all of us and it is, in its barest form, a need to transcend, achieve, enrich, excel. It is the guidepost always “out there,” that yearning to make the most of our lives. Creativity is one way of linking with that deeper self. By engaging in drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, or printmaking, we open our world to that self and let it nourish us. In the creative mode we are most powerful, growing things, raising children, enriching legacies and nurturing ourselves towards the largest part of our existence.

There is always the belief, especially from the sensorial world, that physical power rules all. And, indeed, in this contemporary world it is highly manifest, affecting many cultures and spreading globally. Although this manifestation controls, regiments, destroys and consumes much of our creative powers, still, within our world, these two dimensions always exist and will continue to exist. It is up to you to capture the creative, life-giving powers within you, bring them to power and unite them with the other sensorial, calculating and defining parts of your powers. In this way you will enrich, not only your own life, but the lives of others. This is the creative legacy!

By always hoping, dreaming and visualizing better things in our lives and the lives of others, we are constructing energy patterns for our subconscious powers. It is a kind of pathway we build to making our dreams a reality. Often we set up obstacles with ourselves to stop this flow of creativity we feel coming into and enriching our lives and many times they emanate from our other sensorial self. “I’ll never amount to anything.” Or “I’ll never have enough money to do that.. ” Or “Why do this when success in the world is based on money and spending?” By these inner dialogues we convince our whole body, not only mind, but our entire legislature that we are a failure. And do you know what? Then, we are. Consequently, you have changed your perceptions of your world and you begin to see that everything around you relates to your self-imposed premise that you are a failure.
There are many self help books written on this premise and indeed, knowing that just a change in thought will change your perceptions of this world is true. As you can build a house physically, you can build a new future by thinking differently. If you want to create, then create! Make an agreement, a pact, with yourself to start living creatively. In this way you are sowing that seeds of your future in a fertile and promising field.

Seeing your visions, hopes and dreams as a reality will position you to take positive action in that direction. Believing this, your subconscious will work to position you in ways to place you into that reality. The premise is that you have to believe that it is true—that what you envision can become a reality. For many, this is journeying slowly over a long bridge over a turmoil of river or a scary walkway over a steep canyon. We are so powerful—but for the most of us, we have no idea how powerful we are. We can make or break ourselves through inner dialogues—but most of us are just swept along in the current of everyday life, a victim of our own doing. It is time for you to change. It is time for your creative, life-growing journey!

Perhaps you are starting your journey. In this seemingly perilous situation, you may start talking negatively to yourself. Reverse it! In this way your will proceed. Say, “Oh no, I didn’t mean that. I’m really a good person and I am able to do many good things. I have a dream and this is what I hope to do. I want to paint, I want to draw. I want to bring my past visions into my present life. This is what I must make myself believe in myself. This is the journey I have begun and this is how I want to value and enrich my life.”

So this is your map. Your route to discovering a more powerful, creative self—where the rich fields of your mind are united and seeds are planted to grow towards your successful future,
Take an art class. Learn how to paint, draw, do collages, work with oil pastels, find that artist within you.
Do you dare to accept the mission to find out about the powerful person that is you? Accept the challenge. Dare to dream, dare to create. Begin your journey today. The adventure will be well worth it.

Author's Bio: 

Lois DeWitt is an artist and lighting specialist who works part time at the Home Depot in Lighting/Electrical.
She teaches art classes and maintains an information-rich art instruction website:

Lois loves to cook and has written a cookbook specifically for toaster ovens - "Pop It In The Toaster Oven."
She also loves to garden and is an avid Standard poodle fan.