In keeping with the natural cycles of our planet, Spring is the time of the year to seed our intentions so that they grow and manifest during Autumn's harvest. The Cosmological lineup in Aries since the Spring Equinox has been compelling our thoughts and feelings to focus on self, the 'I AM' (Aries) essence, expression and purpose of our authentic self. With Mercury turning direct in Aries on April 23, we can now move forward, anchor and nourish the seeds of our new future.

As the planet aligns with the Galactic Core during 2011-12, we are being presented a window of opportunity to merge back into union with our abundant Universe. For centuries Planet Earth has been in the far distant space of the Milky Way Galaxy, disconnected from the powerful Pulse of Creation in the Galactic Core. This has caused spiritual separation and emptiness in human souls, significantly impacting our magnetic fields, our emotions, and our health. As the cycle draws to a close in 2012, and Earth re-unites with the Center of our Galaxy and the godhead presence, humanity will be swept into a new global age.

As we enter the sphere of the Galactic Core, which is a spinning black hole of pure creation, our bio-energetic systems are feeling the increasing frequencies that shorten time and accelerates physical evolution. This may feel like unchartered territory for many, as we heal and rebuild from centuries of depleted resources, destructive forces and harsh conditions. The trauma and suffering is stored in our emotional body and cellular makeup.

The months leading up to Dec. 21st 2012 are a time for healing, clearing, transforming and seeding our future timeline in the new cycle of a global age. During the enriched spring energy we need to choose what intention to anchor as our future hologram. Do we choose to merge back in harmony with the Universal rhythms and flow of energy, like surfing a wave where the motion takes us? Or do we choose to remain engaged and connected to the 3D polarized world?

We live in a fractal, holographic Universe...our thoughts and feelings constantly interacting with the collective field of energy all around us. The space around our bodies, our cars, our homes, cities is not 'dead space', but rather an energy field of pulsing light. This vibrating space of anti-matter contains all possible outcomes and timelines in our universe. Our Galactic Core is pulsing with life force in the vibrant Zero Point field of singularity...the eternal heartbeat of Creation between anti-matter and matter.

For the past 5 years I have been guided step-by-step to spark alive in the Zero Point Field a New Earth timeline. Joining other souls with this mission, we have successfully anchored and activated the crystalline grids and bridged into the New Earth hologram. The NE timeline is fueled by Unity Consciousness, the connecting link between human and soul, activating the 12 DNA strands to transfigure into crystalline biology. As we open, heal and awaken our hearts (4th Dimensional chakra) to fill with the crystalline light, we raise our vibration for the soul presence to return inside.

As our hearts are nourished by divine light we can now share and express unconditional love without judgment in our 5th Dimensional throat chakras. By activating our 4th-5th chakra channel with crystalline light we are now ready to bridge into the NE timeline with Unity Consciousness. Our fractal universe operates like Grand Central Station, operating like a kaleidoscope of flashing timelines to choose from. During the 2012 astrology we can jump tracks and choose a new future timeline.

As we raise our vibration in the ascending spiral of Vortex energy we can dissolve the illusion of separation and accelerate our reach up to 4th, 5th, and 6th Dimensions - so that we reconnect with the 6th Dimensional sacred geometry of our fractal holographic universe. For it is in the 6th Dimensional spacetime that our consciousness causes the collapse of the Unified Field of wave-particles to form and materialize as our human reality.

Imagine in your mind that Earth is a universal train station and humanity is entering the main office to choose their destination, purchase their tickets and jump onto the train track to their new future. There are myriad timelines to choose from...the ascending New Earth timeline, the alien contact and lift off timeline, the 2nd coming of Jesus timeline, the End of Times and Armageddon timeline...and many more to just name a few! Where does your soul call you to venture forth? What does your gut feeling tell you? What inspires you and compels you to manifest? Spring time offers a rich, fertile garden of future timelines to select and seed. The train will be leaving the station soon...the possibilities are endless!

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