Many care about XRP price and whether it's going up or down, especially when Ripple got involved with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in terms of legal issues. At this point, the case hasn't been resolved yet. XRP is one of the best investments for crypto users because of its network RippleNet and its fast transaction turnaround.

Here's the deal when it comes to xrp price prediction. You should learn about Ripple coin, XRP price history, and the predictions on whether it will fall or rise to the occasion like its fellow coin, the grandfather of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin.

What is Ripple (XRP)?

• Payment Protocol or System: Ripple the company provides a payment system or protocol for money transfers and currency exchange. It's a network that allows you to pay for goods and services. In regards to Ripple the coin or cryptocurrency, Ripple (XRP) got released back in 2012.

• The Network of RippleNet: Ripple differentiates itself from Bitcoin or Dogecoin as well as Ethereum because of the existence of its money transfer network known as RippleNet that helps facilitate currency exchange for XRP. The native currency of RippleNet is XRP.

• How XRP is Used in RippleNet: RippleNet uses the XRP coin to carry out cross-boarder transactions or do currency trades. Because it's crypto, it has value in the crypto exchange market like how the foreign exchange market carries value for many participating bank currencies.

• XRP's Rise in the Crypto World: XRP's rise in the world of crytpocurrencies came about because it fought against the inherent instability of crypto across the board with the RippleNet payment protocol with fast turnaround and low fees plus a dedicated consumer base.

• How XRP Differentiates Itself: One of the selling points of XRP is that it's more readily usable and has a rising value compared to the rollercoaster ride provided by other crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This and the network RippleNet makes the coin stand out from other coins.

• The Ripple Effect of Ripple: Ripple offers more speed of transaction compared to other crypto that's used more for investment, trade, and buyer speculation. Because Ripple is a crypto that's native to a payment protocol, its usage and exchange is more ensured and less volatile.

• Bitcoin vs. Ripple: Bitcoin takes 10 minutes to confirm a transaction. For XRP, it takes only 5 seconds, as though you're using dollar transactions or a debit card to deliver cash value for online orders and food delivery. This is because XRP is used for real-life payments.

• The Challenges of XRP in 2021: XRP might not be as big as Bitcoin but it's more stable. However, its stability got challenged thanks to the SEC's longstanding litigation against the Ripple Company. It sent "ripples" throughout crypto world in general and Ripple coin in particular.

• How is XRP Doing Nowadays? As XRP enters 2022, it's set to gain good benefits with the New Year even with Omicron looming in the horizon. Furthermore, lawyers believe that Ripple vs. SEC could end in the payment giant's win, which should boost the coin to the top.

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Ripple the company provides a payment system or protocol for money transfers and currency exchange. It's a network that allows you to pay for goods and services.