Vehicle identification number VIN is a unique vehicle code consisting of 17 characters. The code provides information about the manufacturer and the characteristics of the vehicle, and year of manufacture.

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The code structure is based on the standards ISO 3779-1983 and ISO 3780. Identification numbers are applied (stamped) on integral parts of the body or chassis and on specially made number plates (nameplates):

1. On the frame of the front door (usually the driver’s, but sometimes the passenger’s one).

2. On the dashboard near the windshield.

3. Directly on the engine (knocked out on the front of the engine).

4. On a heat-insulating partition.

5. On the inner arch of the left wheel.

6. On the steering wheel/steering column.

7. On the bracket supporting the radiator.

8. In the vehicle passport, vehicle registration certificate,
warranty card / technical inspection card or car insurance policy.

The identification number (VIN) is indicated in Arabic numerals and letters of the Latin alphabet of the symbols assigned to the vehicle.

The first part of the VIN, which allows the vehicle manufacturer to be identified, consists of three letters or letters and numbers indicating the geographical area, country code, and vehicle manufacturer code assigned in the prescribed manner.

The second part of the VIN is a descriptive part of the identification number and consists of six characters representing the vehicle according to the design documentation.

The third part of the VIN is an indicative part and consists of eight numbers or letters, of which the last four characters must be numbers. The first sign may indicate the code of the year of manufacture of the vehicle or model year in accordance with the Comparative table of numbers and letters used in identification numbers as the code of the year of manufacture of the vehicle or chassis of the vehicle, on the following signs - serial number of the vehicle.

To designate a manufacturer that produces less than 500 vehicles a year, use the number 9 as the third character of the first part of the VIN. For such a manufacturer, the combination of characters identifying the specific manufacturer is given in the third, fourth and fifth positions of the third part of the VIN.

VIN cannot contain the Latin letters I, O and Q (due to the similarities with the numbers 1 and 0).

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