Today you hear the statement, "I'm not religious, I am spiritual."
And I seriously doubt that few people have any idea what they mean by 'spiritual' other than they are not into the conventional religious orders of today.

Most people believe in some Higher Deity or Force, and some of the popular names are Jesus, Moses, Allah, Buddha, and even Satan.

Some people follow their own philosophy or the philosophies of others.

And others are even into more Natural Religions such as Shamanism and Witchcraft.

Then there are the Eastern Religions such as The Tao and The Dharma.

There are Atheism and Agnostic, and though these are not religions, they represent the subjective ideas of the persons involved.

But when we come to SPIRITUALITY {not supiritualism}, we find that it is not either a religion or a philosophy, but the realization and acceptance of a ULTIMATE REALITY that can be experienced now as your ULTIMATE LIFE.

SPIRITUALITY is not dependent on one's Nationality, race, skin color, religious affiliation or not, or even if you are rich or poor.

A person can be poverty-stricken and materialistic, and a wealthy person may be a very spiritual person.

The SPIRIT LIFE does not depend on either poverty or wealth, what kind of work you do, or your sexual orientation.

The SPIRIT LIFE is transcendental to the universe, world, environment, body and mind. {This will be explained as we go along.} The SPIRITUAL BEING {SP} does not create Karma.

The SPIRIT LIFE depends not on any of your actions or inactions.

People say The SPIRIT LIFE is this and it is that.

But The SPIRIT LIFE is simple.

It begins with knowing and accepting the fact you are not your body or 'limited' mind.

This is the real beginning of SPIRITUAL LIFE.


By seeing the difference between yourself and your body and mind are the first steps to a perfect SPIRITUAL LIFE.

You come to understand that you are SPIRIT {Life} and you are a SOUL {Jiva} or SPIRITUAL BEING {SP}. This is easily understood when man realizes he is a trivium being made up of a BODY, MIND, and SOUL.

In the next chapter, we will explain what 'connects the 'body' to the 'soul' which is THE MIND. and the easiest way to understand it from a Spiritual Point Of View.

Author's Bio: 

Bruce {Brewster} Peterson was born in Columbus, Ohio and has been writing for over 40 years.
He graduated from Ohio Dominican University with a B. A. in Psychology and Telecommunications.
He served in the U.S. Navy as a Electronics Technician for over 4 years.
He has over 20 self-help and self-empowering books published and on sale at Amazon.com/Books.
Brewster is also the Founder and President of The MetaPsychics Church and Foundation.
It's Motto is:
"Helping Others, Help Themselves."
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