Many women experience irregular menstruation, and they treat it as a little thing. It is not wise to sneeze at the presence of irregular menstruation and underestimate its potential harms.

A young lady couldn't get pregnant after getting married with her husband, and she was diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes which is the reason for infertility, and it was concerned with the irregular menstruation which was ignored by her in the past.

There are several symptoms of blocked fallopian tubes that you should pay attention to.

Irregular menstruation. Fallopian tubes are close to ovary, common tubal diseases don't damage effects of ovary, also they can't influence the amount of menstrual blood, irregular menstruation will not occur until the inflammation exists in ovary and damages it. Increased frequency and amount of menstruation are the most common results of pelvic congestion and ovarian dysfunction.

Excessive menstruation, which can be caused by uterus fibrosis led by chronic inflammation, abnormal location of uterus caused by incomplete womb restoration or adhesion etc.

Dysmenorrhea, which can be caused by pelvic congestion, often one week before menstruation, there is a pain in abdomen, and it can be more and more painful for a woman till her menstruation finally comes.

Abdominal discomfort. There are different levels of abdominal pains, most are recessive discomforts, like sour, pain and swelling in waist and on back which can be increased by tiredness. There is pain in bladder, rectum, or when urinating caused by pelvic adhesion. Other symptoms are increased frequency of urination and tenesmus.

Experts suggest that female friends are supposed to pay attention to irregular menstruation, otherwise, the blocked fallopian tubes may occur and cause infertility in women.

What can women do if they suffer from blocked fallopian tubes unfortunately? How to cure the disease?

There are some medical procedures to get the affected fallopian tubes unclogged, like surgical options, salpingectomy, salpingostomy, fimbrioplasty, selective tubal cannulation and tubal ligation removal. But risks for fallopian tube surgery and procedures are regrowth of scar tissue and adhesion, opening the abdomen runs the risk of pelvic infection and ectopic pregnancy.

Though surgery is a common treatment for blocked fallopian tubes, there are still many natural options which can have great results without causing additional scar tissue to form.

Natural therapies for fallopian tube health include the herbal therapy, such as Fuyan Pill, which is a very good choice, for it will cause no drug resistance or side effect, also it won't lead to wound or pain left by surgeries. It is totally safe and effective. If you are bothered by blocked fallopian tubes, it can help you improve the tubal health and adjust the menstruation. You will pull through in the end.

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