Sambar, kuzambu and kootu are the famous dishes in south Indian cuisine. Many of us have a misconception in our minds that there is no difference between these recipes. But after reading this post you will clearly differentiate each other.

Indian dishes are ancient one comes with great flavor and great texture combination especially in the soupy dishes of sambhar and kuzambu. But there is a huge difference between such recipes.

Generally, toor dal is used as a key ingredient to makes a sambar while kuzambu does not use the toor dal as a base ingredient. Fenugreek is used to make both of these but for kuzambu fenugreek gives a defining spice as it pairs so well with tamarind.

Apart from that, there is a wide difference between them so let’s see it briefly.

What is sambar?

Sambar is a very famous south Indian recipe made with toor dal, vegetables, and spices. The consistency of the sambar is thicker and it is cooked until it becomes mushy.

So you can say that 3 things that define the recipe of sambar which makes it different from other lentil-based or soupy recipes.

The first thing that covers the recipe of sambar is the use of toor dal. The second one is the spices used to make it. Generally, fenugreek, curry leaves, turmeric, coriander powder, chili is used as a spice. The final and third one is the use of tamarind as a souring agent.


Generally, the kuzambu has thin consistency but it may be different because there are some variations in this recipe which make it thicker like gravy also. Moreover, the use of vegetables, coconut, dried lentil balls may be deepened on the recipe of kuzambu.

But most of the kuzambu recipes contain vegetables and the consistency of the kuzambu is thinner than sambar and thicker than the rasam. Tamarind is used as spices to make it, but there are some verities in which yogurt are also used as a base.

What about kootu?

After knowing the difference between sambar and kuzambu kootu comes into you mind that how it is different from these two. Kootu is also similar to these two but it is not exactly same as we think.

Moreover, there are two variations of kootu, one is similar to sambar and another one is similar to kuzambu. Most of the kootus are made with vegetables, coconut and mix of spices and sometime toor dal is used to make it thicker.

The ratio of vegetables used in kootu is more than the sambar and kuzambu and that is the reason that is thicker than these two recipes. Moreover, for the defining spice pepper or cumin is used while fenugreek is rarely used.

The paste for kootus is mostly made with coconut, cumin, and red or green chilies. Apart from that most of the people do not use sambar powder but once again there are some ways by which one can make such recipe with sambar powder also.

There is no defined rule to make these recipes, by using different ingredients anyone can a new variety of such dishes.

So, this is all you need to know about the difference between sambar, kuzambu and kootu. To know more ideas about these recipes try to make it by yourself then you will get a clear difference!!!

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