Would you like to get a plastic card, but do not know which one is best to choose? In this article, WestStein financial service experts will explain the difference between a prepaid card, credit card and debit card, as well as answer the most frequently asked questions on this topic.


Let's start with a simple one. The functionality of each card is directly indicated in its name:

  • debit card - involves the storage of own funds and their use;

  • credit card - provides its holder with a certain credit limit for expenses issued by the bank;

  • A prepaid Mastercard is a confidential account that a consumer uses to pay for their purchases.

Each of the types of "plastic" has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the most important thing to note is that they are all created for different situations.

When is a prepaid card required?

Often, in this case, you do not need to open an additional account, the WestStein prepaid card is confidential and is not tied to it. But in such a card there is definitely no overdraft part, which can be on debit "plastic". On such an account, in addition to your personal money, there may be a credit share, convenient if you have unexpected purchases. Their profitability also lies in the fact that a period of interest-free use of funds called "grace" is provided.

Such a serious financial instrument as cards not only encourages the population to use a non-cash payment method, but also increases the financial literacy of people. Thus, the virtual prepaid card is tied to Internet banking, a mobile application in which you can track all monetary transactions, as well as receive receipts and make transfers. Such a service will allow you to rationalize costs and refuse unnecessary expenses.

How to order a Mastercard prepaid card?

Opening an online checking account is very easy. To do this, you must register and verify on the WestStein website and immediately after that you can use your account and "plastic". Get paid in foreign currency, travel without barriers, transfer money abroad, make purchases on the Internet and in real stores - with a card from our service, it is much easier and more convenient to do this. We will take care of your privacy as well as the security of your funds - check it out today.

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