ReLEx SMILE is the latest development of the Femto-LASIK procedure. SMILE basically stands for small incision lenticule extraction. It combines state-of-the-art femtosecond technology with high-precision lenticular extraction. It is often referred to as ‘bladeless LASIK’. SMILE procedure is designed to treat Myopia (Short sight) and Astigmatism within certain limits.

Side effects of old generation LASIK like, corneal stability, dry eyes, or flap-related issues are reduced up to a certain extent. The ReLEx SMILE technique is performed using the highly precise advanced VisuMax femtosecond laser. It is the 3rd generation of laser vision correction after PRK and LASIK Eye Surgery. The method was pioneered by Carl Zeiss Meditec and the entire process is painless, bladeless, and stitchless.

This treatment method is chosen by those patients who have a fear of having a “cut” in their eyes. The Femtosecond laser makes a small “lenticule”, corresponding to the visual correction of the eye being treated.

It is at par excellence with traditional eye surgery which utilizes hand-held tools like diamond blades. A survey shows that almost 92-98% of eye patients are happy with the post-surgery results of ReLEx SMILE.

SMILE procedure is ideal for contact sport injuries as well as lifestyle choices like swimming, exercise as it has been used for higher corrections. As such, it has become the fastest-growing laser vision correction procedure globally.

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