Ramzan is a holy month set aside by Muslims all over the world for fasting. The term, Ramzan, also refers to Ramadan. It is a Persian transliteration of "Ramzān".

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What’s the tradition behind it?

Ramzan is a Muslim tradition that celebrates the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, thus, beginning the voluntary fast of all its members by abstaining from outside influences, that is, eating, drinking alcohol or engaging in sexual activities. In this way, they get closer to God by purifying their bodies and remembering how fortunate they are. Ramadan is the most important event of the Islamic religion. During a month, the Muslim people perform a fast during the hours of the day. This implies that the meals must be done before dawn or after sunset. Before the fasting of the day, billions of Muslims around the world rise before dawn to take Suhoor, the pre-dawn meal, and perform the first of the six prayers of the day. The time of sunrise depends on where you may be. During the whole day, you should refrain from consuming drinks, cigarettes, meals and having sex. Once the sun has set, it is time for the Maghrib, and the fast is considered finished. The time of the dinner during the 30 days of Ramadan becomes an occasion for the encounter with the family. A very rich and nutrient-rich meal is made, which will be necessary to carry on the fast the next day.

How long is Ramzan?

This year 2018, Ramadan begins on May 17 and ends on June 16. That is, Ramadan lasts between 29 and 30 days, it begins with the appearance of the moon at the end of Sha’aban, the eighth month in the Muslim lunar calendar. The decision of from when Ramzan will begin, depends upon the sighting of the new Moon. Soon after sighting of full moon, a wave of joy spreads across the Muslims around the world, and the internet is flooded with sharing of ramzan images across the social media to greet their loved ones. During this month, they will not eat food or drink liquids, besides not being able to smoke or maintain relations, from the dawn "El Fajr" until sunset "El Maghrib". Depending on the country or place where we are, the schedule will be different as it suits the sunrise and sunset.

What are the prayers of Ramzan?

There are five established pauses for prayer that we will see. These are the five prayers that are made during the month of Ramadan throughout the day:

• Fajr or dahrah prayer or midday prayer.
• Dhuhr – the noon prayer.
• Asr or evening prayer.
• Maghrib or sunset prayer.
• Isha or prayer of the night.

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