We hear about truth, are asked to tell the truth and heck I am even telling you that your truth shall set you free. But what is truth?

Is there truth in our media? Well if our news is pretty much the same thing on every channel in in most papers you can be reasonably sure it is vetted somewhere by someone. TV/cable has gotten into bed with reality TV which seems to be so far from real as to be a cartoon.

Is there truth in our relationships? When a friend asks if their pants make their ass look big? Do we say well actually yes they do and you should try a different style? If a friend asks if you like their partner and you don’t, do you tell them?

When a loved one hurts you, do you talk to them or do you bottle it up or perhaps scream at them? Do you know what you want? What makes you happy? What motivates you? Are you truthful with yourself? Do you admit and take ownership of things you chose to do that weren’t kind or healthy?

To me truth is completely personal and individual. We see things through our senses and based on our lives we interpret them. We have all heard the analogy about the car accident seen by 4 different people from 4 different corners, same accident but 4 very different true statements about what happened. I believe we are all motivated by the most basic thing of all – are we worthy of being loved? Our personal truth about our love worthy-ness is developed when we are a child.

The thing to think about and carry with you is that your truth is just that, yours. It makes you who you are so there is no shame to it only joy in finding peace with it.
What do you need to feel good about yourself?

• Wealth?
• Stature?
• Lots of friends?
• To create?
• To perform?
• To heal others?

I am reasonably sure that it all comes down to being witnessed in whatever way you have come to see as valid to you. No matter how big or small the stage is we all would like to be a star for something.

Figuring out your personal truth will set you free to find your spotlight in a way that will mean something to you. If your truth is you want to be a chef and your current career is that of a bookkeeper, you might be great with numbers but you won’t be happy until you take that cooking class.
Truth is pretty basic and it has nothing to do with facts. The fact is that the sun shines, but if you live your entire life in a cave then for you the truth is that it is dark all the time.

When your personal truth is buried or something you are taught to be ashamed of because you were raised in a family of doctors and lawyers and you want to be a street artist or your sexual preference is beyond man, woman and missionary position; you are living in that cave.

That cave is cold, dark, lonely and painful. Is your truth that you think that is what you are worth? Would you like to know why you feel that way? Or perhaps you want to put that behind you and step out into the sunshine? Is it time to take a hard look at yourself and start figuring out what is really you and what is someone else’s crap that you have been carrying around? Are you ready to start listening to that inner voice of yours that says ‘I know the way to go’? Are you ready for your Truth Revolution?

I hope the answer is yes because as a very famous cosmetic maker puts it, and I know it to be truth; you are worth it.

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Samantha Martin is known as The Truth Revolutionary because she works with people to uncover their personal truth. Personal truth is a discovery which frees people to live up to their full potential and find new joy in their life and relationships. You can register for her Free Report “Fight Self-Deception, Dis-ease, Shame and Disillusionment: Become a Truth Revolutionary”, or sign up for a free consultation, read her blogs and find out more about Samantha at www.truthrevolutionary.com.