Paxful started by Ray Youssef, and Artur Schaback was named as EasyBitz in 2014. Following it was named Paxful in 2015, and the purpose of paxful exchange is to ease the convenience of bitcoins for all sorts of personalities.
The paxful exchange is one of the trusted and popular crypto exchanges enabled with an escrow system.
What makes so special in Paxful exchange?
Paxful reported its bitcoin trading volumes escalated 35% to $1.1 billion during the first half-yearly of 2020 related to $817 million in 2019.
More than $182 million worth of bitcoin (BTC), on average, was traded on the platform, it stated. Nigeria, U.S., Ghana, India, and Kenya led the growth, with emerging markets rising fastest.
Presently Paxful has accumulated 4.5 million users and reached a total $4.6 billion trading volume for BTC as it started services in 2015. The average trading volume five years ago was $45 and presently having twice that trading volume varying at $102.
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