How do we increase the percentage of mind power used so that we can better control our lives and improve our situation and ultimately create the lifestyle and success that we dream about?

There are several ways in which you can work on your mind and harness the power and have more positive experiences.
This requires the use of the right skills and tools that can help you achieve the level of mind power that can bring about a complete life changing transformation.

There are certain places in the world, such as the Himalayas, India and Tibet, which are considered home to greater positive energy levels and can help you achieve a much higher state of mind and a higher mind power level.

However, you can achieve a much higher mind power level without having to travel to these countries. You can do it right from your own bedroom or even while sitting in a chair.
That's the beauty of it. You have complete access to this power any time you want. All it takes is a bit of practice, discipline and some determination on your part.

For example, you can...


and you can practice self-hypnosis techniques for better concentration and focus, to sharpen your mind and build up your mind power. Your thoughts, which form part of your mind, possess incredible power. This power can change your life in an instant once you learn how to tap into it.

This is why some of the thoughts that just seem to pop into your mind, can actually come true. That's the power of your mind.


when you invest some of your mental energy into having some positive and powerful thoughts on a daily basis, like the daily affirmations technique they will grow stronger and eventually affect your behaviours, your actions, and your attitude, and while raising your expectations, bringing about fantastic results.

With practice, once you become skilled at tapping into, and using your subconscious mind, you will then begin to find and notice opportunities and ideal situations arising out of nowhere, you will notice those around you seem to be unknowingly or knowingly, helping you, guiding you, and offering you the opportunities you seek at that time.

Our subconscious mind creates the outcomes based on our thoughts and beliefs. We can sometimes label these outcomes as a "coincidence", a coincidence that brings into your life positive events and great opportunities.

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