Some call it mysteries, some call it connection, energy, etc. It is hard to explain what is. The best way to know is by experiencing it. I was talking to a friend and she learns about mysteries of life. How we are all connected to the trees, bugs, animals, and much more.

When people take classes, you may do a meditation to sense if you see an ant and to feel it and be part of it in what it is doing. There are many different ways of finding yourself and connecting to all of life.

I had gone to Dahn Yoga and also did a Yoga Therapy Training Class. You may have heard things about them, if you decide to learn how to feel energy and work with your meridians this is the place to go, do what feels right for you but don’t let fear hold you back from learning.
No matter what group you sign up for to do classes with, there is always information on the websites calling whichever group you want to join, a cult. It is not a cult. Yoga is not a cult, Reiki is not a cult, and meditation is not a cult and so on. It is people with fear who are afraid to move along their path who try to stop others. The thing is it’s easy to be negative and not follow your path. I would like to not do anything it’s simple and easy. Following your path is very difficult and hard work to achieve to gain your higher self and be where you are supposed to be on your path in life.

It is a hard struggle yet when you get to a new level or phase in your life it feels good because now it has gotten easier from the struggles you had to go through to get there. Now we have new struggles and just continue till we have no more struggling to do and are fully on our path.
In Dahn Yoga I was taught to feel the energy first. While doing dancing yoga, the way you were doing it was not as important till you started to feel the energy. Once you felt the energy then the positions were done correctly. It’s almost as if the energy centers you.

Dahn Yoga works a lot on exercises working with your chakras and meridians. When your meridians are stuck the energy is not flowing. When the meridians are open the energy flows nicely.

Energy is all around you and inside you. Once you learn how to feel that you can use it to your advantage to make things happen. That is where manifesting comes in and making things happen.

This is what I teach people. Some are terrified of it and others are skeptics who get scared, other people are unable to handle the energy it becomes too much for them to be in. Even so work slowly to get there.

I like to be somewhere on a dock, cliff or isolated from people to meditate. I do energy dancing. I connect to Mother Earth and sense and feel what she is feeling and bring in her love into my heart while working with the energy around me. Near the end of my meditation I will send out my gratitude and love to Mother Earth. I do this for about an hour. Sometimes I lose track of time and I can be out there for 3 or more hours.

When I am done not only do I sense and see everything around me differently, I know if there is an animal or bird or anything else nearby. I feel what they feel. In my calmness they are not afraid to come near me. This is what they feel all the time being connected.

When I am around people the same thing, I am connected. Some people are afraid because they think I am reading their minds. I can see what happens before it happens, I sense their feelings, what they are thinking. When they are too chaotic I leave.

It is such a simple thing to achieve yet very difficult. Where I moved to in NJ to this apartment, it was where the Lenape Indians had their war with the Americans. When I was putting stuff away and placing my statues around I heard an Indian war cry. Then I was watching a ceremony of some kind. That night when I went to sleep I was shown something and I was told that I have been doing it since a little girl.

I have also had Great Grandmother come to me and test me in my dream and waking life. I angered her, not only did I fail I did not understand why I had to do this one thing that was asked of me.

Then I was driving one day and I had this hand push me back on my shoulder against the seat and it was Crazy Horse and Great Grandmother showing me a test that I have passed and they were proud of me. Crazy Horse and Great Grandmother had shown me everything from the conversation of what had happened behind my back because of jealousy when I wasn’t around, up to where I did not get involved and letting it go by walking away. They gave me the gift of Protection. When I came back from this trance, I was grateful for not being in an accident when I was driving.

Going down the same hill a couple of months later, I was thinking about job that I wanted to find to get out of where I was working. When we try to achieve something and keep thinking about it we kind of start getting stressed out. So all of a sudden a golden eagle is right near my driver’s window flying down the hill with me. I heard and seen the words in my head HONOR and I heard FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE in a childlike voice. For the first time in a long time I felt truly free and started connecting to my fun side (child side). The stresses in life sometimes put us in a place where we forget to laugh, smile and have fun again. I learned to be in that place again.

I do not know what it is about this hill and guidance, spirit, birds, and connections I have been having but I keep asking them to tell me when I am home not driving my car.

I have learned a lot and am starting to live. I mentioned my last job in one of these articles of Life can be Simple, I have learned how to use some of my gifts like making things happen and manifesting with thought and words. The animals have taught me to enjoy life and have fun. I have also have learned the most important test of all NO FEAR!!! I have no fear about my future. I know I am taken care of and loved.

I am laughing all the time, I am acting like a child, I do not allow anyone to degrade me in any way, and I play and work to keep that balance. I make sure I stay in the energy to stay connected. I laugh at myself and when someone is being negative I just start laughing and stay happy. My new life is just beginning and my struggles are about to end.

Using energy and working with energy does all this and more. It’s learning how to connect and trying to stay there which is difficult.

Author's Bio: 

Jeanette Costa has a Doctorate in Metaphysics, she is a Reiki & Karuna Master Teacher,Spiritual Healer, an Animal Nutritionist and Herbal Practitioner.

Jeanette's teaching is how to use energy that is all around you to heal yourself and others and how to learn to sense and be part of everything around you. By using the energy around you, you would be able to know when someone does not speak their truth by the vibration of the words they speak.

She guides you with techniques to use to grow and helps you understand how to follow your spiritual path in life. For a peaceful and happy life.