Sugar relationships are perhaps the most misunderstood ones out there. From misconceptions in the general public to uniformed newbies in the field “Sugaring” is often not the most socially acceptable thing.

Like most controversial things, the general opinion on this is massively polarized. While some treat it as an ideal business relationship, others often find themselves blurring the lines between this and sex work. Funnily enough, and as it often is in the real world, it is neither of those extremes. Being a sugar baby is far from prostitution, but its not all fun and games either.

After extensive research and interviews from actual sugar babies, we’ve come up with a nuanced article on what it’s like being a sugar baby.

No, You Will Not Be Treated Like a Prostitute

The biggest misconception about Sugar relationships is that they’re an extension of sex work. This label is what stops many young women from entering into sugar relationships.
This is far from the truth.

Being a sugar baby is not equivalent to sex work, and no, your sugar daddy will not treat you like a prostitute. In fact, there’s a chance your sugar daddy won’t even require sexual favors from you, just your company. In either case, he will treat you with respect and pamper you.

You Will Be Like Spoiled Girlfriend…But with No Strings Attached

Your sugar daddy will treat you well, definitely much better than the rest. In more than one sense, this is an advanced girlfriend experience, but better. It comes with a lots of gifts, and no commitment.

Your Sugar Daddy will buy you gifts and take you places, and as long as you’re attending to his needs, won’t care about what (or who!) you’re doing when you’re not with him.

You’ll Have a Travel Buddy

Your sugar daddy is a rich man and most probably travels all around the world. Luckily, you’re the one he’s most likely to take around with him when he goes on trip.

You will get to travel the world with your sugar daddy and if you guys have chemistry, you’ll probably have the time of your life. Its always best to keep a packed suitcase handy.

You are a Part of Two Vastly Different Worlds

Chances are, you and your sugar daddy belong to different socio-economic classes. By being a sugar baby, you will get entry into the socialite world, with diamonds and designers at your disposal.
You can play Cinderella as long as you want, and when you’re done, you can go back to your real world. The best part? No one will come looking for you. You can be a part of two different worlds and keep them completely separate.

You Won’t Need a Regular Job

Having a sugar daddy websites gives you more financial security than any college degree every can. The payout is great and chances are, you won’t have to work a day as long as your sugar daddy is taking care of you. In fact, he’ll even pay for your college tuition, so you’re set even if your relationship doesn’t work out long term.

You Have a Mature, Adult, Friend

Contrary to popular belief, their can be great understanding between you and you sugar daddy. In fact, the best kinds of sugar relations are those which grow organically. You can foster a real bond with your sugar daddy and find a great friend in him.

Its like having a much older friend who loves to hang out with you so much, he’s willing to pay for it!

You Will Need to Adjust

All the perks of being a sugar baby aside, there are some sacrifices you’ll have to make. You will have to make sure that you’ll schedule is adjusted to meet the commitments you’ve made to your sugar daddy. When it comes to time, you will have to put him first.

However, in most cases, its not that hard to do. Women do it anyway, you might as well make some money out of it.

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