What is AI? The Artificial Intelligence is a process in which machines can perform various tasks that would be characterized as human intelligence. For example, AI might include planning, analyzing and understanding language, observing and recognizing different objects and sounds, learning and digesting new information, and even problem-solving.

Machine learning is basically just a method of attaining AI. It’s having the ability to learn without being specifically programmed. Machine learning allows for AI without having to write millions of lines of code. A Complete Beginners Guide on AI, Artificial intelligence – Everything you want to know

Major AI Impact on society

How AI benefits for Society? One way that AI is helping society is in allowing big data analysis techniques to be applied in science to help in the development of new treatments of disease. Using AI can help medical researchers optimize tests and conduct studies more effectively speeding up development timelines.

This helps significantly in the fight against new diseases. We are also seeing AI used to develop better cybersecurity. Improving cybersecurity is key as we all move to a more digital world.

The most significant value AI is producing to business today is saving employees time and bringing more data to the table to improve the decision making process and sure replacing them.

So, employees, or like in our case, real estate agents can be more focused on personal communication with people rather than doing a lot of routine tasks that no one really likes. Same story with education and society. We will see more personalization and less human involvement.

How AI benefits for Business in 2019?

Companies around the world are investing heavily on Artificial Intelligence at the moment because of its immense potential to improve business by many folds. May that be understanding customers’ behavior and requirement using Data Analytics so that they could be served better or using machine learning by cooltechnospy to unfold hidden patterns so that intelligent decisions could be made by the administration in a business.

 AI is truly revolutionizing several industries around the globe.

One tangible example of using AI for business is using machine learning to understand which queries are most popular and how an individual user queries on the web, and then utilizing this information to make querying on the web easier.

Another example could be using sophisticated voice recognition algorithm utilizing machine learning to develop more sophisticated software by cooltechnospy and ultimately attracting more customer to use such product.

Any industry that we can think of, AI is becoming popular day by day for its current benefits for businesses.

What is Artificial Intelligence? Complete Guide for Beginner [2019]

How AI benefits in Educating the society?

As already mentioned earlier the Education industry is also not lagging behind in using AI for its beneficial purposes. The state-of-the-art educational systems now use augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) based education delivery systems, and several elements of AI are now utilized in AR/VR to develop more immersive products so that better experience in delivering education could be achieved.

On the business side of education data analytics again plays an important role in understanding students’ behavior of using educational software and ultimately helping the companies to develop better products for similar purposes.

Some pro-cons of Artificial Intelligence

At the moment AI is still in its infancy and the benefits outweighs any other concern that people might have related to AI. As already mentioned above AI is truly revolutionizing every part of our lives in different ways at the moment.

And no matter how many people might be afraid that AI might take over humanity but we are far from reaching that point at the moment.

Most AI based algorithm heavily rely on human intervention and in order to evolve into self-sustaining algorithm so that AI could generate its own algorithm is still a fantasy given the current state-of-the-art research. Although AI does not have disadvantages at the moment other than being also used by malicious or ill-minded people for ill gains or for destructive causes, which is the case for any type of technology and not specific to AI, the focus on AI could be misplaced at the moment.

Majority of world population i.e. 80% of the world’s population belong to developing countries and many of such countries are not able to afford cutting edge research related to AI nor has the cutting edge computational resource to host AI based algorithm.

Majority of the developing countries are actually ahead in the game of AI development are mostly focused on developing more sophisticated algorithm to develop better products. But usually such sophisticated AI based algorithm utilizes a lot of computational resource and one such example is IBM’s Watson.

Although developing much more sophisticated AI based algorithm never hurts but we also need to focus on how to make such AI algorithm more accessible for developing countries so that AI could be utilized to improve the lives of most of the human beings around the world and not just serve the developed countries.

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