Animal magnetism refers to a person's sexual attractiveness or authentic charisma. Simply put, the better a person feels about himself, the better people feel around him, which creates a magnetic presence. The controversy with science is about whether this is due to body language, voice tone and language or whether there is an level of communication that goes beyond body language through a magnetic fluid. Science tends to view humans as isolated systems, to which the empirical law of conservation of energy applies. However, isolated systems don't exist in real life according to the official definition: Truly isolated physical systems do not exist in reality (except perhaps for the universe as a whole), because, for example, there is always gravity between a system with mass and masses elsewhere.

There are several gray zones in science about the magnetic, energetic or emotional inter-connectedness between people. First, 96% of the Universe mass is void and 99.99999% of our atoms is void, yet science doesn't understand the structure of this void. Second, science officially uses the classical laws of physics and quantum physics but is unable to make the theories work together. These laws still work most of the time but can't explain black holes as both classical physics and quantum physics apply to black holes at the same time. Finally, scientists have detected black holes within atoms and within light, which opens many new doors to science.

There is no scientific evidence proving that there is not an energetic and emotional connection between people. There is no scientific explanation either. On the other hands, every religion around the world says that we are all one. Animal magnetism operates through direct energetic and emotional communication.

Healing techniques such as Reiki, Quantum Touch, Qi Gong and Alchemy help increase the flow of energy in your body and increase your animal magnetism. Traveling around the world and living in different cultures opens your mind to new ways of being and also increase your animal magnetism.

Animal magnetism works with polarity like a magnet. Mating is meant to be one of the simplest things in the world where men and women simply attract each others through polarity. In the Western world, however, femininity is not encouraged and people are expected to structure and control their lives especially in work environments, which is the masculine aspect of life. The feminine Yin aspect is to flow with life, to allow things to happen and to be in touch with your intuition. The concepts of flow and inter-connectedness are repressed in the Western societies, making dating more difficult by neutralizing polarity. Animal magnetism allows to break directly through the mental barriers and fears of people in an inspiring and empowering way.

Animal magnetism has impacts on every aspects of life and brings authenticity, empowerment, freedom, peace of mind, intimacy, charisma and health. All great leader through history had those characteristics.

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