What is achievement? by Beth Shepherd psychic. We tend to believe that it is about setting a goal such as ironing a whole pile of clothes so that they can be worn soon, or wallpapering and papering a room so that it is newly decorated, weeding the garden or setting up a business so that we have a better income. But is it this simple?

Some of us are not goal orientated. Some of us have a lifestyle were we do not need to set goals at all. The rich person who has staff and paid helpers may see achievement in an entirely different way. The lady of leisure who is married to a rich businessman may think that phoning a gardener to come and sort out the garden is an achievement - even though it was easy and only took a few minutes.
The man who works very hard to pay for the gardener may see it as an achievement that he earned enough money to cover that expense. Both of them have achieved their goal without going into the garden of doing any of that physical work.

A single person who has a lot of time on their hands might see deciding to sit and read a book all day as achieving something, because they found a nice way to spend that day. Achievement does not always have to be about work or clear cut goals with a tangible reward at the end of it.

When a hard working person gets a chance to relax they may see having a bath, soaking with a glass of wine, going out for a meal and seeing their friends for the first time in weeks as a big achievement. To the busy person it is, and it is, in a way, a tangible achievement because if they take this time to relax and have fun and do something different they are more refreshed to return to their chores, more able to do them and happier.

If someone goes on dozens of holidays and is always resting and relaxing and having then then another holiday is no achievement, but the busy businessman or housewife who never gets a chance to have fun will see it as a huge achievement. They have escaped. They have been able to chill, to take things slower. To be them for a while.
And this then has a knock on effect because it charges up their batteries so that they are more able and capable at the end of it. In a way it can be seen as medicinal, just as we can see yoga and meditation as being medicinal.

We all set ourselves different achievements each and every day. Some feel better if they make a list and stick to it. Others make a list and then never get around to crossing everything off and carry most of it over. The act of making a list is an achievement. The lazy person with a lot of time on their hands might see it as a big thing that they managed to finish washing that box set or they finally got around to phoning their interfering mother. In a way what we decide to do and what we do is not just down to how much time we have but how important it is for us to change things and move on. The happier we are with our lives as they are now the less likely we are to set goals and set out to achieve them.

A young person may set goals such as studying, passing examinations, getting a good job, leaving home and getting their own home, finding a partner and then having children. All big goals. The older person may have done all of this when younger and be setting much simpler goals for themself such as joining a club, meeting up with their best friend, going shopping and tidying up their home before their visitor arrives. Each is doing what they think they need to do to improve their life and take it to the next level so that their lifestyle, finances, happiness and relationships fits with what they want and what they think they can achieve.

Where it can go wrong is when you get a person who has a lot of dreams and ambitious running around in their brain but no stamina to follow them through. This is the person who might be forever saying they will clean the house but it gets messier and messier. They may be forever saying they will get a job but because of their laziness they end up unemployed for a long time getting into more debt. Then a lack of ambition becomes not just a lifestyle choice but dangerous. http://www.accuratepsychicreadingsonline.com Beth Shepherd psychic

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