Brazilian waxing - Brazilian waxing is a unique form of hair removal. You can find out exactly how the Brazilian version of the standard waxing treatment differs here. Brazilian waxing sounds exotic at first - it is! Because initially, this hair removal method, which mostly uses hot wax, comes from Brazil. The hype started there in the mid-1990s because the local women wanted a hair-free bikini area to look good in their thongs on the beach.

Very intimate: Brazilian waxing

Brazilian waxing is limited to the depilation of the genital area. Although far more women choose treatment, hair removal is also becoming more popular among men. In both cases, removing the hair occurs either part of the hair in the pubic area and buttocks area or the entire hair with hot wax or cold wax strips. For Brazilian waxing, the strands should be at least four millimeters long so that the wax sticks to the hair and that the roots can be pulled out.

Waxing on legs and arms

While only the pubic area is depilated with the Brazilian method, all other parts of the body come into play during healthy waxing. In women, these are often the legs. Nonetheless, the hair on the arms or face is also waxed. Men, on the other hand, often grow their backs and chests.

In contrast to Brazilian waxing, the different parts of the body are not as sensitive, and the procedure is, therefore, less painful. However, the treatment itself is similar to intimate waxing. Use a spatula to apply a small amount of hot wax from a saucepan to your hair. As soon as it has set, the beautician pulls off the wax strip with a jerk. He repeats the process in other places.

Removing hair: How to prepare the skin for Brazilian waxing
Hair removal with wax hurts a little - and it is hard to avoid it. However, it is advisable to take a warm shower or bath beforehand to open the pores. The hair roots can be loosened more gently, which reduces tugging and protects against skin irritation. A light peeling in advance removes dead skin cells and can prevent ingrown hair. The skin must be dehydrated during use so that the wax holds. It is also wise to clean and disinfect all your home waxing kit in readiness for waxing. Such ensures that you do not get infections from the packages.

When should you refrain from waxing?

If you have scars or severe varicose veins, you should avoid waxing your hair to avoid putting additional strain on the skin. It also makes sense to postpone the waxing appointment if you get sunburned. The skin then needs rest to regenerate itself. Waxing, however, would take an additional strain on them.

Otherwise: Healthy skin can be grown regularly without any problems. However, the treatment can irritate the skin. The right care afterward is all the more critical. If you have never been to waxing or have never done it yourself, this tip is probably the most important for you. You should also educate yourself on the best home waxing kit and how to clean and store them as you invest in waxing to avoid health issues in the future. The wax must always be applied with the direction of growth of the hair, as the wax is better distributed over the whole strand. As soon as you have completely applied the wax, you can place the strips of fabric carefully and without wrinkles on the area. Now you should smooth the pieces back in the direction of growth of your hair and then wait for about half a minute.

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