In life we often ask "WHAT IF!" For example what if the world is square and not round?, what if Darwin's theory is incorrect and God is the creator of this world? WHAT IF is certainly needed to challenge our way of thinking, however repetitive WHAT IF thinking can sometimes hinder great opportunities. For example if my supervisor gives me an assignment to organize the company Holiday party. I brain storm ideas and document them on paper. After documenting each idea I ask WHAT IF? This causes me to question my ideas which is helpful, however I erase each idea and start a new list. After drafting the list I again ask WHAT IF? and erase that list. By this time I am frustrated and I give up on the assignment. So the next time you are given and assignment don't be afraid to ask WHAT IF? but don't let the WHAT IF hinder the task at hand.

Author's Bio: 

My name is Felicia M Green I have a BS in Organizational Management & Leadership, and I am a ordained Elder. My degree and life experience have allowed me the opportunity to speak in different arena's such as women conferences, seminars, missionary trips, and church settings. I strive to encourage others by writing about biblical topics. I strive to use simplicity in my writing for all to understand not taking away from the message of the gospel. I define myself as one who encourages others through the Word of God. It is my belief that you should share the gifts and blessings that God has given you so my encouragement in writing is the gift that I strongly believe that I must share

I am very humbled to be a part of Self growth and strongly believe that small beginning soon grow into large opportunities so I am grateful for the opportunity to share my God given talent in writing,