Like when we were all Farmers, Carpenters, Tailors and Doctors etc..These titles also served as ways to earn our livelihoods. They are in truth professionals and as such to paraphrase the owners of "Living Jobs and Living Companies" with diplomas and certification to validate their expertise in their fields.

Tomorrow's jobs and the companies of tomorrow are both integrated network marketing companies. These jobs and companies have been and are being built to enable the entrepreneur to have self-employment with multiple income streams, focused in on saving money. Routine rut jobs were left behind and all but forgotten. Work has become exciting as Ordinary people achieved twenty-first-century dreams that surpassed their most ambitious twentieth-century daydreams.

Let us summarize the twenty-first-century living jobs and living companies are network marketing companies designed to earn money through saving us money on name brand things that we were going to buy anyway. Our jobs or businesses become our way of life. With the changing of the old business paradigm to the new: I am talking about the new American work force, at a time when jobs are scarce.

In looking at the economic landscape of our great country I found that we are now faced with a change in the way we do business. Instead of politics, tomorrow's front-page news media will be packed full every day with the latest technological breakthroughs. People tomorrow will check the news with far greater enthusiasm than people today. Checking the latest breakthroughs will be more stimulating than checking the latest football scores or the latest movie releases, instead they will use technological breakthroughs to help boost their self-employed standard of living.

Self-employment has been around since the first "Lexocographer"worked in the garden. I think Chris Rock, said it best when he spoke about wealth vs. being rich how Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal, both are rich, they are both "The Man". But he would rather be the man that owns the team, their boss that signs their checks. Which is why I posed the question on my website in the F.A.Q., section, it reads: How do I answer the "Help Wanted Ad"? I believe that ordinary people can become the beneficiaries of the new living businesses with their entrepreneurial work forces of creative thinking geniuses. Our motto is: Give money, save money and be your own boss. The rebate industry has been around for over one hundred years there is truly nothing new under the sun. I am only saying let's live more like the Jetsons, using the new technology. The only constant in the universe is "Change" and the Flintstones life really, "SUCK"! I am thankful you made it through this article I like your style.

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