Sometimes, despite your honest and open-hearted approach, it seems like the intentions you used for specific Feng Shui adjustments are not only NOT materializing but you may actually be heading in the opposite direction. Even though you’re pretty sure you did everything correctly, it feels like you must have done something wrong or, in truth, Feng Shui doesn’t work for everyone.

In my work I’ve seen honest and sincere people adjust for money without much of any positive results. I watched a woman named Emily exhaust all options for a partner until she was ready to give up and resign herself to being single. I consulted with someone (Kelly) who wanted to move away from her parents—-even cried about it—-but couldn’t make it happen despite many, many Feng Shui approaches.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you understand what may be going on when it seems like your Feng Shui isn’t working for you. . . . .

1. Are you sure you’re clear about what you want? Just to say something like “I want a different job” doesn’t outline what you want. A better way would be to say “I want a job that pays me 25% more than I’m making, a job where I can be around more people and a job that is within two miles of my house.” Now THAT’s a specific and measurable intention. Listing the parameters around what you want will enable you to come closer to that goal.

Getting clear is crucial when money is the issue.  Just to ask for “more money” is not specific and provides no guidelines.  Finding some spare change would qualify as more money but usually that’s not the intended outcome.  Outlining how much and why are two defining actions that can help a money intention materialize.  When someone says that their Feng Shui adjustments aren’t working to create more income, many times it’s because the intention was not specific enough.

2. Have you given it enough time? People often ask me how long it will take before their Feng Shui adjustment will kick in so they can realize their intention. Sometimes there is indeed a quick result—-a house sells right away, a new job comes along within a few days, money arrives in the mail. On the other hand, I’ve also seen Feng Shui adjustments take longer than expected. Timing is a factor in all this change.

Giving up on your Feng Shui efforts too soon is a common mistake.  I had a client who wrote down a specific amount of money she wanted to receive/earn, put that piece of paper in a red envelope and placed it on her desk.  Eighteen months later she got that exact amount of money.  In her mind, it was worth the wait.  Along the way, however, she had her doubts and thought about removing the envelope since Feng Shui didn’t seem to be “working.”

3. Deep down are you wondering whether you deserve such magnificence in your life? If your intention is overlaid with guilt and self-doubt, it will be difficult to manifest what you’re asking for. Putting out the request and receiving it are two different sides to the Feng Shui coin. I’ve found that some deep and raw issues can come to the surface, some of which may be painful to face, yet necessary in order to move forward with the intentions you truly desire.

This is another roadblock that occurs when someone is asking for more money.  They may be specific about the amount and why, but if somewhere inside they truly feel they don’t deserve such a blessing, it will be difficult for it to manifest.  This is the time for some deep soul-searching, maybe even with a professional.  The best of intentions cannot override an old tape that says “I don’t deserve such happiness” or “I actually don’t need all this money.” 

4. How comes it feels like your intention and corresponding adjustment made things worse? This is actually a good sign because the energy has been stirred and something is indeed happening. Often in order to leap forward, you have to take a step back first to gain momentum. Celebrate this kind of movement. It may look like things are going backward, when, in fact, they are breaking an old pattern.

So working with Feng Shui is about your commitment to the process without obsession, and openness without controlled timing. Kelly (mentioned above) did move out from her parents’ home after she realized that the issue which was holding her back was guilt at leaving her elderly parents to fend for themselves. Not suited to being a caregiver for them, she hired someone to do just that so she could find a place of her own. Now she happily visits them weekly. Emily’s partner appeared six months after her initial intention. In her mind, it was worth the wait!

Author's Bio: 

Carole J. Hyder has been a Feng Shui consultant since 1992. She is an internationally recognized teacher, speaker, author and trainers. Carole has authored two books ("Wind and Water" and "Living Feng Shui") as well as 2 DVDs and a CD. In 1998 she founded the Wind and Water School of Feng Shui, and has since certified nearly 300 students. Visit Carole's website at for more information.