There’s been a lot of press about AR-15 rifles as of late. This doesn’t mean that the gun still doesn’t serve a useful purpose. Here are some of the things that you need to know about the AR-15 rifle.

Historical Overview

The AR-15 rifle was first introduced in 1963 to the military because of the fact that it was both lightweight and modular. It was the perfect weapon for soldiers to take with them into the battlefield. The weapon itself is versatile because it can be equipped with a sling that will enable it to be used either left-handed or right-handed. This is what made it most appealing to the military. It allowed soldiers to free their hands in order to engage in other tasks when out in the field.

Semiautomatic Status

Opposed to popular belief, the AR-15 rifle is semi-automatic. There are conversion kits that can be utilized to change this feature, but it is most popular in its unaltered form. The sights on this type of rifle are exceptional for both fighting and hunting activities. Another thing that makes it more adaptable is that you can change out the length of the gun barrel to help with your accuracy. It is the gun of choice if you’re interested in improving your marksmanship.

Easy Repair Options

Another interesting fact about AR-15 rifles is that they’re the most easily repairable type of gun in their class. This is in large part due to the modular aspects of the design that make it so appealing to enthusiasts. You can replace parts as they wear out and it’s easier to maintain than similar weapons of its size and type. Being able to maintain your weapon of choice is important so that it can last for years without you having to take it in to get serviced.

Defensive Purposes

Due to the accuracy of the weapon, it’s a favorite for those that are interested in home defense. Any type of weapon in untrained hands can present a problem. In order to ensure the safety of those around you, it’s important that you understand the safe handling of guns. This includes being able to load, unload, and clear any malfunctions. The AR-15 rifle is favored because of the ease at which these tasks can be completed.

There are pros and cons for both sides of the gun debate. Consider these reasons that the AR-15 rifle is a weapon that can be useful under the right set of circumstances.

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